How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months? Expert Tips & Strategies

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 13th, 2023

How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months? Is it possible to make SNAP Preparation in 2 Months? There are the most common questions that every candidate wants to know to make an effective exam preparation. The candidates who are preparing for other MBA exams, like CAT, XAT etc, then 2 months are enough to complete the entire syllabus and topics. But if you are only targeting SNAP, then you may face difficulties to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months.

Basically, SNAP is a very easy exam. It is conducted by SIU every year to initiate the admission process in SIU-affiliated colleges. If you are thinking to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months, then you must do a result-oriented preparation to score good marks in the exam. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep Experts have shared all the details and expert tips on How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months. Go through it and start preparing for the upcoming exam.

How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months?

In order to prepare for SNAP in 2 months, you can follow the below-mentioned tips

  • Go through the entire SNAP Syllabus to understand the topics to be covered
  • Check the exam pattern and SNAP Exam Analysis to get an overview of the marking scheme and topic-wise weightage.
  • Download SNAP Previous Year Paper to comprehend the types and difficulty levels of the exam
  • Prepare a month-wise study plan and follow it strictly to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months

How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months: 60 Days Plan

Note the below table to get the expert’s recommended 60 days plan to prepare for SNAP in 2 Months.

Month-wise Study Plan

Tips to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months

Month 1: Try to cover the syllabus and analyze the SNAP Exam Pattern first

For conceptual clarity, it is crucial to first review the syllabus and exam format. It aids candidates in recognising their areas of weakness (chapter-wise). They can use the advice listed below to get ready in the first month.

  • starting with the fundamental ideas of LR issues
  • Review the fundamental mathematical formulas, arithmetic principles, and skills.
  • Work on your shortcomings
  • Kindly take notes on many general knowledge topics.

Month 2: Revise and attempt the online SNAP Mock Test

Try to review the topics you have prepared in the second month.

  • Review each chapter you have read.
  • Pay close attention to the crucial formulas, unusual phrases, and shortcut techniques.
  • Take the mock test in BYJU’S Test Prep to review all the chapters.

Expert’s Tips to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months

Here are a few tips/strategies one must adopt during the last 2 months of the SNAP to crack it.

Prepare Weekly Plan

It is very essential at this point to prepare a week-wise plan for preparing yourself for SNAP. You must keep in mind the exam pattern and make plans accordingly. You must also see the topics you are well prepared for and the least prepared topics while making the plan. You must keep your focus on the topics you are well-versed in to not miss questions from those topics. Since there is negative marking, you must also learn the art of ‘not answering’ those questions you are unsure of.

Calm Yourself (Do Not Panic)

This is the time when you are at the peak of your anxiety level but this needs to be stopped. You must realize that if you pass this time by worrying about the exam, you won’t be able to concentrate well and might not give 100% in your preparations for SNAP. Thus you need to calm yourself down and relax so that your anxiety does not hamper the dedication and hard work you wish to put into cracking SNAP Exam.

☛ Detailed SNAP Preparation Tips for your reference.

Solve More and More Mock Tests

This is the correct time when you must increase the number of mock attempts. You must take at least 1 mock test daily and spend time analyzing your mistakes. By doing so you will identify your weaknesses and then you can work on them to turn them into your strength. Attempting mock paper also gives you inner strength and confidence while you are attempting the actual SNAP 2023 examination.

Don’t Pick Any New Topic

At the last moment, it is never advised to pick any new topic that you have not studied earlier or are not much hands-on with. Doing so is not advisable because you will lose a lot of time in preparing such topics which you might not get through even till the date of the exam. Instead, if you dedicate that time to the topics you are already prepared for, you will see that you have mastered those topics, and not even a single question can go wrong in that. Thus, it is always suggested NOT to pick any new topic at the last moment before your exam.

Work Hard On Speed and Accuracy to Solve Questions

With just 2 months remaining in your hand for the main exam, you must work hard on improving your speed and accuracy to solve questions. Search for tricks to solve questions and save time. If you save time, this means you can devote more time to questions you find difficult to solve or revise the questions you have already answered. Also, with the increase in speed of solving questions, you must not lose accuracy to solve questions, which means you should not answer wrongly just for the sake of solving quickly.

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