SNAP Preparation 2022: How to Prepare for SNAP, Tips & Strategy

SNAP Preparation 2022: How to Prepare for SNAP, Tips & Strategy

ByAditi Joshi  |  Updated on: Jun 28, 2022
Get all the details for SNAP Preparation. Know Expert Tips on How to Prepare SNAP in 2 Months. Check last-minute SNAP Exam Strategy and section-wise SNAP Exam Preparation to ace this exam.
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SNAP Preparation is the technique to cover all the topics of the syllabus by reviewing the exam pattern. The candidates aiming at the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test SNAP 2022 must follow a planned approach to ace this exam with a good score. It is one of the competitive exams and for this, the candidates need to prepare a proper SNAP Exam Strategy that covers all the facets of the exam.

How to Prepare for SNAP is one of the most common questions that every candidate wants to know. Expert says that the candidates must start SNAP Preparation in advance to score well. Here, we have discussed all the details regarding How to Prepare for SNAP in 2 Months to assist the candidates in their preparation.

SNAP Preparation Tips

SNAP Exam is a national-level exam, conducted by SIU for admission into different MBA/PGDM programmes. The candidates who want to pursue MBA from SNAP Colleges must appear for this exam. Thereby, it is important to have a clear idea about the SNAP Exam Preparation to ace a good score. Below are some basic tips that you can follow for your SNAP Preparation. 

  • Solve the question paper to comprehend the question types and its difficulty level well.
  • Make a SNAP Preparation plan and divide the time for every chapter and topic of the exam.
  • Understand SNAP Exam Pattern well. Go through the table below to get an outline of the section-wise break-up of the SNAP Exam.

Exam Section

Number of Questions

Marks per Correct Answer

Total Marks

General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability




Analytical & Logical Reasoning




Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency




Total Marks




How to Prepare for SNAP?

To prepare for the upcoming exam, you must follow an effective SNAP Exam Strategy for every chapter of the exam. Besides, conceptual clarity is essential as only knowing the SNAP Syllabus is not enough to score well for your dream institute. To get your query about How to Prepare for SNAP, you can follow the below-mentioned section-wise strategies.

SNAP Preparation for General English

This section contains 15 questions out of 60 covering all the topics like Reading Comprehension (RCs), Verbal Reasoning, Grammar, and vocabulary. Do focus on the basics as well as the vocab section of English. This will also help in your SNAP Preparation Verbal section. 

  • Select the right study material like Lucent, for clearing up your basics in English
  • The General English section of the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test SNAP has everything to do with practice. It is important to practice as many tests as you can.
  • Daily read newspapers/articles/ magazines in order to focus on your reading for SNAP Preparation.
  • Enhance your vocabulary and reading skills. This would help you to strengthen your knowledge while SNAP Exam Preparation.
  • Try to solve mock tests once a week within the allotted time. This would help you to balance your speed.
  • At least, solve SNAP Question Paper to have a command over the pattern of the questions.
  • Refer to online lectures in English of BYJU’S Exam Prep, if you are in a self-study mode.

SNAP Exam Preparation for Analytical and Logical Reasoning

This section carries the most weightage and has 25 questions on the topics like analogies, critical reasoning, blood relations, calendars, puzzles, etc. The aspirants who enjoy solving logical questions can easily get through this section. Regular practice is a way to catch this section.

  • First of all, choose the right strategy for preparing this section. Clear the basics with the help of the study apps or through the expert-recommended books and study materials.
  • Once you are done with the basics, start solving the questions with the use of tricks
  • Solve plenty of papers as you can for SNAP Preparation.
  • Solve a SNAP Mock Test at least once a week. This would check your performance
  • Select an online effective test series so that you can increase your efficiency in solving the questions during SNAP Exam Preparation.
  • “Time management” is the main key you have to focus on it while SNAP Preparation. Many times, the candidates know the right answer but due to a time-lapse, they click on the wrong option.
  • Thus, it is important to have a balance between speed and accuracy. so, time yourself while solving the questions
  • Analyze your performance in each test and try to lessen your mistakes in every next test

SNAP Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Preparation

In this section, Arithmetic, Mensuration, and Algebra have an integral weightage. Candidates need to focus on these topics during SNAP Exam Preparation for a good score. The candidate should solve topic-wise questions as it would increase their confidence over a particular topic. Practice and practice is the only way to clear this section.

  • Be thorough with the basics and formulae. Do not take this section lightly as it involves many tricky questions.
  • Practice questions from 8-10 NCERT Mathematics/Quantitative Aptitude by R. S. Aggarwal/RD Sharma books during SNAP Preparation.
  • Solve DI and DS questions regularly to improve your interpretation skills.
  • Indulge yourself in solving mental calculations rather than using a calculator.
  • Learn tables, cubes, squares, decimal-fractions conversions, and percentage equivalents during SNAP Exam Preparation for this section.
  • Keep an eye out for the tricky questions asked in this section.
  • Do solve good quality mock tests regularly while SNAP Preparation.
  • Work on speed-based questions in order to increase your speed as this section totally revolves around the speed and accuracy of the paper.
  • Solve five years PYQs in order to have a command over the kind of questions asked in the SNAP Exam.
  • Do not rely on the hit and trial methods.

SNAP Exam Strategy for 2022

The strategy of any exam is extremely important for a new start. First of all, you need to analyze your position in SNAP Preparation. This can be done by solving a mock test. You’ll get to know your weaknesses and strengths. Then, jot down your areas of weakness. Make a proper timetable for SNAP Exam Preparation by spending more time on weaker topics. Do adhere to it as a discipline is the only key to success. Once you are done with the concepts, start practicing the questions from previous years. Solve the questions with time management. Do remember, for the ones who are consistent and honest in their SNAP Preparation, the ball is always in their court.

Last Minutes SNAP Exam Strategy

Candidates can follow the below-mentioned tips to aid their preparation in the Last-Minute.:

  • You must have a ready study plan for all the sections to revise before the exam. This will help candidates avoid waiting any time during the test.
  • Do not go for new topics at the final moment. Only revise those chapters you have prepared already.
  • Brush up the tricks for sections like quant and reasoning. Revise all the notes and points you have maintained in your dairy. 
  • Review the fundamentals of grammar: If you know the fundamentals, the verbal component can be scored. Review the fundamental tenets of grammar. At this time, stay away from answering reading comprehension questions.
  • Go through worked-out examples in the SNAP Preparation Books such as Nishit Sinha and Arun Sharma

How to Prepare SNAP in 2 Months?

First of all, the candidates must finish the syllabus as per the latest exam pattern. List down all topics and chapters you have found difficult. As 2 months is very little time, thereby, the candidates must follow an exam-oriented preparation to ace the SNAP Exam.

  • Solve SNAP Sample Paper as many times as you can. It will enhance your solving speed, accuracy and subject-wise Knowledge.
  • Choose the right study materials for each of the sections for SNAP 2022.
  • Divide time for every section and give equal importance to each.
  • Be focused on the time-management and accuracy. Be familiar with the exam-like environment by attempting BYJU’S Exam Prep SNAP Mock Tests.

SNAP Preparation Books

The candidates must have the best books to ace this exam in one chance. Check the list of SNAP Exam Preparation Books below. 

Name of the Books

Author / Publisher

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT for Admission into IIMs (English)

Sarvesh K Verma

Arihant Descriptive General English

S. P. Bakshi and Richa Sharma

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Arun Sharma

Map the SNAP Test

RK Jha

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

RS Aggarwal

Map the SNAP Test


Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

RS Aggarwal

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test Guide (English)

RPH Editorial Board

SNAP Preparation Tips FAQs

  • One of the first and most important SNAP Preparation strategies is to familiarise yourself with the syllabus and thoroughly go through each topic. This will help you identify the issues that require more preparation time so that you can make the necessary plans. The most crucial exam topics should be thoroughly examined.

  • Candidates must adhere to a set study programme in order to get ready for SNAP. During their lunch break at work, they can watch brief videos. A weekend mock test schedule of 2-3 hours will also help you organize your time for SNAP Preparation.

  • Do not start anything new and revise only the chapters that you have already prepared. Be focused on the time-management and your accuracy, to answer the questions within the given exam time.

  • Whether 3 months are sufficient for the SNAP, the candidate's grasp of the material and exam format will determine how well they will prepare. Candidates ought to be aware of their advantages and disadvantages. It won't be difficult for a candidate to study for the Symbiosis National Aptitude Test SNAP in 3 months if their basics are sound.

  • Try to follow the right study materials and books for SNAP Preparation. Below are some expert-recommended books that you may follow for your preparation.

    • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT for Admission into IIMs (English) by Sarvesh K Verma
    • Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning by RS Agarwal
    • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension by Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
    • Symbiosis National Aptitude Test Guide (English) by RPH Editorial Board


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