How to Improve Vocabulary for CAT 2022: Best Books and Tips to Prepare CAT Vocabulary

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Vocabulary for CAT is an important part of the VARC section of the exam. The candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam must be well prepared for CAT Vocabulary questions. Aspirants often struggle with how to improve their Vocabulary for CAT as there is no fixed syllabus.

The language-based questions mostly demand you to identify erroneous usage of popular CAT Vocabulary words. Although the vocabulary questions can be asked in various ways, the core principle remains the same. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have given all the important details to prepare Vocabulary for CAT.

What is CAT Vocabulary?

The Vocabulary for CAT section needs you to identify the wrong usage of common vocabulary words. There will be several formats in this CAT Vocabulary questions can be asked, but the basic idea will be the same.

The CAT Vocabulary Words questions do not necessitate the knowledge of extensive vocabulary. All it requires is that one should be aware of the numerous ways in which CAT Vocabulary terms can be used. To master the skill that will allow you to clear the CAT Verbal Ability part, you must put up a consistent and concentrated effort. Blank reading and long sessions with the dictionary should not be the way to prepare for CAT Vocabulary.

How to Improve Vocabulary for CAT 2022?

To achieve a steep CAT Vocabulary learning curve, a variety of interesting approaches can be implemented into one’s daily living. A few of them are mentioned below.

Inculcate a Habit of Reading

Reading increases your knowledge; don’t limit yourself to novels and literary works; read the daily newspaper, weekly magazines, and digests as well. It will help you improve your general knowledge while also increasing your Vocabulary for CAT.

At least one hour of each day should be set out for reading. It is very important to build a reading habit to get admission into Top MBA Colleges in India. It not only helps in solving the CAT VARC Questions but also helps in developing thought processes and increasing IQ.

Importance of Inculcating the Reading Habit

  • Improves language and communication skills: – Candidates’ reading habits will aid them in developing their English grammar and communication skills to ace Vocabulary for CAT. Candidates will learn how to use words and create sentences while reading, which will aid them in answering questions in verbal portions such as Fill in the Blanks, Correct the sentence, and others.

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  • Increase in reading speed: – Candidates who read regularly can improve their reading speed. Because the CAT 2022 exam includes sectional timing to complete a section, it is critical to boost reading speed. If candidates improve their reading speed, they can solve Vocabulary for CAT questions in less time while taking the exam.
  • Enhance Vocabulary for CAT: – Aspirants should memorize new terms or phrases they come across in newspapers or publications. Making a list of new terms and their definitions aids applicants in remembering the words they will never forget. Always keep a small dictionary nearby while reading.
  • Helps in the GD and PI: – The most significant parts of every MBA Entrance Exam are the group discussion and personal interviews. Reading newspapers daily will benefit candidates in both the GD and PI rounds since newspapers contain a wealth of information about current events, politics, sports, stock markets, and other critical topics to pass both rounds.

Try Different Modes of Learning

You’re in the dark if you read the same type of literature every day and expect to improve your CAT Vocabulary skills. By doing so, you are not exposing yourself to a large word set, which could lead to a negative revelation when you sit down to take a mock CAT. Thus, you must try several other resources to build your Vocabulary for CAT and not restrict yourself to just a single source.

Get to the Roots

Various memory techniques, such as association and imagery, can considerably help your learning and recall. When it comes to Vocabulary for CAT, many strategies and techniques make it simple to improve your CAT Vocabulary.


Meaning: Rule or Ancient

Examples: Monarchy, Anarchy

The basic concept here is by remembering just one root word (here: ‘arch’), you can expand your Vocabulary for CAT.

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Refer to Dictionary and Thesaurus Regularly

Always have a dictionary in hand, and use it. Look up the definition of a word you’ve never heard before. Furthermore, you may use a thesaurus while writing anything; this will improve your writing and broaden your CAT Vocabulary skills.

Make Dedicated Notes

Keep a record of all the new words for Vocabulary for CAT that you came across in a dedicated notebook. Take the effort to draft sentences using them to bring out their multiple meanings and usage styles. This will help you understand the intricacies of sentence building, and it will be an advantage in verbal and reading comprehension.

Books to Improve Vocabulary for CAT

Below mentioned are the resources for CAT Vocabulary building for the upcoming exam.


  1. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
  2. The Students’ Companion by Wilfred D Best
  3. How to Build A Better Vocabulary by Maxwell Nurnberg & Morris Rosenblum

Editorials, Newspapers, and Magazines

  1. The Hindu
  2. The New York Times
  3. The New Yorker
  4. The Guardian
  5. The Scientific American
  6. AEON Essays
  7. Novels of your choice
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