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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT are often asked in the DILR section of the exam. Seating Arrangement CAT Questions are generally asked in the form of a set, where you have to answer 4-5 questions based on a set of given statements or conditions. The aspirants can expect Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT of the circular table, rectangular table, row and parallel lines, etc. Go through some previous year’s questions to better understand what kinds of questions are asked.

Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT are tricky, but if you read the question’s wording properly, you will find it very simple to solve. The main thing to solve CAT Seating Arrangement questions is the candidates must understand the basic concepts of questions before solving the sample questions. In this article, BYJU’S Exam Prep experts have given a detailed study with solved examples for Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT. Go through it and learn the basics.

What are Seating Arrangement CAT Questions?

Before solving Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT, aspirants must briefly introduce themselves to the concept of these questions. The basic concept is to arrange all the information based on the logical assumptions given in the CAT Seating Arrangement Questions.

In logical reasoning, when a piece of information is given about a group of people and how they are seated, such an arrangement is called a seating arrangement. These logical reasoning skills are acceptable in any type of managerial position and situation where you have to handle multiple problems at a time. So that candidates who are preparing for the upcoming exam must prepare Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT well to crack the minimum CAT Cut Off.

Types of Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT

The aspirants preparing for the upcoming CAT can face two types of seating arrangement questions. Read the following section to get an idea of these CAT Seating Arrangement Questions types

Linear Arrangement Questions for CAT

The objects are placed around a square or rectangular table in these questions. The direction of the people is either towards the centre or away from the table. Thereby, the direction can be understood in the following way.


Circular Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT

The objects are placed around a circle or a round table in these questions. There are only two possible directions of placing them: facing the centre and facing away from the centre. The following figure should help you understand better.


Sample Questions for Seating Arrangement CAT

Following is an example of solved Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT to give you an idea about what kind of questions are expected and what is the required approach to solve the problem. Practice a lot to enhance your accuracy in solving these questions in the upcoming CAT Exam.

Question: 6 people are playing a card game sitting around a circular table. Suresh is facing Raghubir, who is to the left of Ajay and to the right of Pramod. Ajay is to the left of Dhiraj. Yogendra is to the left of Pramod. If Dhiraj exchanges his seat with Yogendra and Pramod exchanges with Raghubir, who will be sitting to the left of Dhiraj?

  1. Yogendra
  2. Raghubir
  3. Suresh
  4. Ajay

Answer: C

Solution: The correct original circular arrangement sequence in a clockwise manner in Suresh, Dhiraj, Ajay, Raghubir, Pramod, and Yogendra. So, after the changes, Suresh will be to the left of Dhiraj.


Instructions: Seven varsity basketball players (A, B, C, D, E, F, and G) are to be honoured at a special luncheon. The players will be seated on a dais in a row. A and G must leave the luncheon early and must be seated at the extreme right. B will receive the most valuable player’s trophy and so must be in the centre to facilitate the presentation. C and D are bitter competitors and must be seated as far as possible.

Questions 1: Which of the following pairs cannot be seated together?

  1. B & D
  2. C & F
  3. D & G
  4. E & A

Answer: Option D

Solution: Following arrangement can be possible


Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT PDF

Below our experts have provided a PDF link for CAT Seating Arrangement questions. Aspiring candidates can download the file and check whether they are able to solve these questions or not.

Download Seating Arrangement CAT Questions PDF

How to Prepare Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT?

Seating Arrangement CAT questions are very easy to solve if you understand the concepts properly. You just need to apply your logical thinking and analyse the question by considering your position to solve these questions. Always think that you are facing towards the North direction.

Following are some expert tips from BYJU’S Exam Prep. Go through this and understand the approach you need to apply to solve circular Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT.

  • Always think that You are one of the group members in the question.
  • Count the number of group members as mentioned in the question.
  • Draw lines as per the direction given in the question. Arrange the members as per the direction mentioned in the question. You can check the following image for a better understanding the Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT.




  • Always think of your position; you are facing towards the north, and your left hand and right hand are left and right, respectively.
  • Be focused, whether it is clockwise or anticlockwise. If it is clockwise, then start arranging from left to right; if it is anticlockwise, then start arranging from right to left.

The aspirants must read the questions first, analyze the meaning, and then solve Seating Arrangement Questions for CAT. Be focused on those lines, which consist of maximum clues to solve these questions. Join BYJU’S Exam Prep online classes and prepare for these questions in a scheduled way.

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