GATE CE 2022: Geotechnical Engg Rapid Revision Notes

By Ashish Singh Dhanjal|Updated : January 3rd, 2022

GATE 2022 is scheduled from 5, 6, 12, 13 Feb 2022. Exam dates for specific branches have been released and GATE 2022 Civil Engineering is scheduled on 12th Feb 2022. As Civil Engineers are aware of the importance of the finishing process in DSS, Revision for the upcoming GATE  Exam is synonymous with it. It is very tough to crack any exam esp. GATE exam without proper and planned revision which includes the practice of good questions along with brushing of the concepts.

So, we have commenced the Rapid Revision Plan along which aspirants must plan their revision in a properly planned manner in order to maximize each day preparation to the fullest. Geotechnical Engg is the next and carries High marks weightage for Civil Engineering exam every year. Here are the complete study notes for Geotechnical Engg.

Study notes on Geotechnical Engg:

  1. Properties of Soils
  2. Classification and Structure of Soil
  3. Compaction of Soil
  4. Principle of Effective Stress
  5. Darcy's Law and 1D-Permeability
  6. Seepage Analysis
  7. Consolidation & Compressibility
  8. Shear Strength of Soil Part-1
  9. Shear Strength of Soil Part-2
  10. Earth Pressure Theories
  11. Stability Analysis of Slopes
  12. Ground Water & Well Hydraulics
  13. Sub-Surface Investigation & Exploration
  14. Shallow Foundation Part 1
  15. Shallow Foundation Part 2
  16. Deep Foundation
  17. Distribution of Stress in the Soil


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