Formula Sheets for General Aptitude (Part A): Mensuration

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : December 19th, 2022

General Aptitude Formula Sheets: During the preparation, the candidates study different formulas to solve problems, but at the last moment, these formulas might not be remembered by the candidates due to exam fear or pressure. We at BYJU'S Exam Prep do not want our students to lag anywhere during the preparation, so we have come up with a concept of a Formula Sheet that will help them revise the important formulas at the last moment. This formula sheet will be a short revision tool and contain only important formulas that need to be studied at the last minute to boost the score. Our experienced subject-matter experts have meticulously designed this CSIR NET General Aptitude Formula Sheet to provide you with the best authentic material. 

In this article, we will cover the CSIR NET General Aptitude Most Important Formulas of Mensuration. Aspiring candidates can check all the most important formulas of the Mensuration for the last-minute revision. Scroll down the full article to find out!

Formula Sheet On Mensuration


Mensuration is the section of mathematics that deals with the calculation of length, area and volume. In these notes, we will discuss about the areas and perimeters of two-dimensional figures.

Area: The area of any plane figure is the amount of surface enclosed within its boundary lines. It is expressed in square units e.g., square meter, square centimetre, square inch, etc.

Perimeter: The perimeter of a plane figure is the total length of the sides enclosing the figure.


Area of Δ: The area of a triangle is represented by the symbol Δ. For a triangle ABC the three sides are represented by a, b and c and the angles opposite to these sides are represented by A, B and C respectively, as shown in the figure:


The formulas for areas and perimeters of various plane figures.

(i) For any triangle in general,











Note: To read and download the complete Formula Sheet on Mensuration, check out the link below.

Download PDF for Formula Sheets: Mensuration

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