Inference and Assumptions For GATE ECE Exam

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 23, 2021, 20:29

Inference & assumptions is a topic in the reasoning section of the GATE exam which candidates appear for when they are intending to pursue higher engineering studies. The efficiency of a student’s proficiency in Inference & assumptions for GATE ECE exam displays his/her capability to make inferences in real-life scenarios. 

Besides the GATE exam, Inference & Assumptions questions can also be found in the other banking and government sector exams such as SSC, Railways, LIC AAO, IBPS Clerk, PO, SBI Clerk, RBI Grade A, and B, PO, IBPS RRB Clerk, and PO. So, if you want to score well, it is better not to skip the Inference & Assumptions topic in a reasoning book.

Important Inference & Assumptions Topics for GATE Exam:

Here are some of the topics that you need to prepare as per the Inference & Assumptions GATE syllabus:



Two conclusion- based question

These questions have a single statement with 2 conclusions from which you need to select the most appropriate one.

Questions with two or more statements with a number of conclusions

 You need to select the right conclusion from among the given options.

Tips to Solve Inference & Assumptions for GATE ECE

  • You need to understand the basic concept of Inference & Assumptions syllabus for GATE and then start preparing by getting the concepts clear, to begin with the concepts first. This will help you understand the questions easily for solving them.
  • Prepare Inference & Assumptions study material for GATE ECE or any other specialization. You can also prepare your Inference & Assumptions GATE notes to quickly revise them before the exam.
  • Once you learn all the basics, start collecting Inference & Assumptions MCQ pdfs and solve them. Check your score to know your level of preparedness.

  • Try solving every Inference & Assumptions MCQs with the help of shortcut tricks to reduce the time on one particular time.

Importance of Inference & Assumptions Topic in GATE ECE:

  • Proficiency in solving these questions helps a candidate arrive at the right inferences by making the appropriate assumption in the given circumstances
  • It shows how quickly a student can understand the given scenario and solves it to get at reach the correct answer.
  • A better score in this section indicates the good reasoning capability of the students.
  • This capability helps to easily overcome tough situations in real life by quickly making the right decision and avoiding instead of longer delays.

Recommended Books for Practicing Inference & Assumptions Topic

For taking Inference & Assumptions notes for ECE or other specializations as well as for practicing the related questions, here are some of the important books that you can refer to:



Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics

S. Chand and Sons


Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

RS Aggarwal

Why practice Inference & Assumptions from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best online sources which offering comprehensive study materials for all the prominent competitive examinations. You can find Inference & Assumptions GATE questions and answers pdfs here that can be downloaded to practice later. This is also a comprehensive amazing platform that offers the option of taking Inference & Assumptions online tests to make sure that students are aware of the latest pattern and succeed in the entrance examinations. There are mentors to provide support when needed to ensure that the students do not have any kind of doubts about the subject.


Q. Are books enough to prepare for Inference & Assumptions?

A: No, besides books, online resources are also very important for becoming familiar with the latest examination pattern and along with questions of varying different difficulty levels.

Q. Is scoring in Inference & Assumptions easy?

A: If you have prepared well by downloading all the required Inference & Assumptions notes for GATE pdfs and practiced the questions, then you can definitely solve the questions quickly and score well.

Q. How to use time efficiently in the exam to ensure that maximum questions are attempted?

A: You need to use a timer while practicing the MCQs. This will help you know the amount of time taken consumed for solving questions of a specific topic. When you are able to apply all the recommended tricks and shortcuts to solve them, then the time taken will be less, and you can attempt more questions

Q. Is there a minimum number of practice sets that I need to complete do before the main exam?

A: No, but the more you do, the better it is. Make sure to focus on all important topics equally to avoid missing something at the last moment. This is important to enhance your overall GATE score.

Q. Can I start preparing for this topic a month before the exam?

This is an easy topic, but if you start too late, you may fall short of time to get enough practice. To solve inference and assumptions questions for GATE, you need to devote at least 2-3 months.