Grammar Notes for GATE & ECE Exam

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 24, 2021, 18:34

Grammar Questions are an essential part of the knowledge of the English language. Giving a proper structure to sentences, rules around different parts of speeches, tenses, and other necessary composites determines how effectively one can read and write in English. The grammar section is the bedrock of the skill required to master the language. Get your hands on the Grammar MCQ pdf to master this section properly.

The grammar syllabus for GATE ECE is mistaken as a tough one as it seems rule-bound. However, the truth is that if understood well and practiced regularly, grammar for ECE exams is one of the easiest sections to solve. The only need is to understand the tips and tricks that better deal with this section. Solving Grammar online test can help candidates. Grammar MCQs for GATE ECE should be solved daily to become proficient in solving grammar questions of all types.

Important Grammar Topics for GATE ECE Exam

Some important Grammar topics for gate ECE, are as follows:



Parts of speech

Every person's communication skills, speaking, exchange of expressions, reading, or writing can be practiced only by mastering parts of different words’ speeches. These different kinds of terms used up in sentences are named part of speech. The other speech types are nouns, pronouns, adjectives, conjunction, interjection, etc. This topic can be understood by going through GRAMMAR examples.


By Tenses, we mean the time of the action, as depicted in the sentences. Whenever an action takes place in our present, it is termed as present tense. Similarly, if it takes place in the past, that is past tense, and lastly,  if the action is to be done in the future, that is future tense.

Subject-Verb Agreement

Subject-verb agreement is also called Concord. This is a topic that created a lot of problems at times. It means the accordance of the sentence’s subject with its corresponding verb in terms of tenses, number, gender, and tonality.  This topic is beneficial to master the sentence correction section of the ECE and GATE exams. Maintaining Grammar notes for ECE is an excellent way to master this section.

Some other topics to master are:

  • Direct and indirect speech
  • Idioms and phrases
  • Gerunds
  • Metaphors and similes

Tips to Solve Grammar Questions for GATE

Here are some tips to keep in mind while solving Grammar test questions.

  • A comprehensive study of various headings of grammar, language, and sentence structuring is of great importance. Maintain Grammar notes for gate pdf to clear concepts. The way to solve the question depends on the type of exercise. Learn all the topics of Grammar thoroughly.  
  • Always try to read extra. Adequate reading capacity will help improve your grammar. Downloading Grammar gate questions and answers pdf is beneficial.
  • Learn the rules of tenses and prepare Grammar gate notes.
  • Master your sentence formation skills. This can be done by accessing several online Grammar problems with solutions and attempting Grammar gate questions and answers pdf,
  • Practice para jumbles, fill in the blanks, and other kinds of a Grammar online quiz.

Importance of Grammar in ECE Exam 

Here’s why Grammar is an important topic:

  • These questions are essential for entrance exams related to GATE and ECE exams.
  • This section tests the verbal and non-verbal aptitude of the examinees by understanding their level of language skills. 
  • The highly technical nature of GATE related jobs requires the applicant to be adept with good communication and language skills. 
  • Solving several Grammar online tests and  Grammar quiz will help you understand grammar concepts and master this section for ECE Exams. 

Most Recommended Books for Grammar 

These are the most effective Grammar books that cover the entire  Grammar gate syllabus




P.C Wren and Martin

Basic Grammar

Blake Publication

Rs Agrawal

Verbal and non-verbal reasoning

S. Chand

Why Prepare Grammar from BYJU'S Exam Prep? 

BYJU'S Exam Prep is a perfect platform for a well-divided syllabus, modules, and practice papers. The Grammar study material for gate ECE is well crafted as per the aspirants’ needs and expectations. BYJU'S Exam Prep, in simple words, is the perfect virtual class you can avail of. With dedicated research teams who build our content, you’ll have access to the study materials as well as an institute’s modules. Our materials, including the Grammar questions and answers pdf, also provide Grammar tricks to help you solve the section quicklyMoreover, you will also get to practice daily grammar quizzes for GATE ECE Exam to master the grammatical skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the grammar questions?

Grammar questions are a way to test your English writing skills. Verbal aptitude is an essential component of my entrances. Parts of speech, tenses, subject-verb agreement, etc., are the sole topics that constitute the Grammar section.

Is Grammar challenging to prepare for?

This section carries almost 45% weightage in ECE exams. It is essential to prepare well. If you have cleared the basics and solved many practice papers, it is not that tough.

Is grammar a scoring section in ECE and gate exams?

Yes, if you’ve mastered the tricks, this is one of the most manageable and most scoring parts of the paper. However, only with regular practice you can score well. Attempt various Grammar questions and solutions to practice.

Q. Can we prepare for the Grammar section in a month?

If you dedicate 2 to 3 hours of practice daily, this section is doable in a month. But again, consistency is always the key to performing well in any verbal aptitude section.

Q. What weightage of marks is given to Grammar in ECE and other GATE entrances?

 The questions based on Grammar approximately contain around 25 marks. You can prepare well by solving many Grammar practice questions.