Functions and Graphs For GATE EC Exam

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 19, 2021, 8:48

Functions and graphs are an important chapter in the GATE ECE exam which is used for gauging a candidate's potential in establishing the dependency of a variable on another. Functions & Graphs GATE questions for ECE are tricky and hence, need the students to have clarity of concepts and enough practice for scoring high.

Functions and Graphs questions are not only asked GATE exam for ECE, CS, ME, CE, but the questions also form a part of the numerical aptitude section of many leading government exams and entrance tests of engineering. Let us see some more aspects of this chapter in this article.

Important Topics of Functions and Graphs for GATE ECE

Some of the important sub-topics that you will come across while preparing for the Functions & Graphs topic for GATE ECE or any other stream are as follows:



Function basics

Here you'll learn about types of variables, domain, range, type of intervals and notations.

Function types and plotting graphs

Various types of functions with their domain, range and graphs.

Tips for Solving Functions & Graphs MCQs for GATE Exam

Here are the important tips that should be considered by a GATE ECE aspirant to solve the questions.

1. Functions & Graphs GATE syllabus

Since the GATE ECE exam has various subjects to be covered, it is important to target specific topics by adhering to the Functions & Graphs syllabus for GATE. Once you know which topics need to be covered, you can next focus on the concepts in the topic, to be able to solve related problems easily.

2. Focus on accuracy

You need to make sure to get accurate answers after solving any question. This necessitates downloading the Functions & Graphs GATE questions and answers PDF, practice them regularly. You may initially make errors but gradually your accuracy will improve.

3. Keep Functions & Graphs GATE ECE notes ready

When you start learning the topic, it is recommended to collect all the Functions & Graphs study material for GATE ECE or other specialization, from books and online sources. You can either make notes or directly download the Functions & Graphs notes for GATE PDF from renowned websites. The benefit is that you can quickly revise the important rules and formulae in the chapter before the exam.

4. Learn to use the time efficiently:

When you start doing problems of a chapter, it may take longer in the beginning but once you start doing many sets of  Functions & Graphs online quiz or Functions & Graphs MCQ questions from books, then your speed will increase. You can even use a timer to speed up yourselves.

5. Keep a track of the latest exam pattern:

This is possible only when you opt for the Functions & Graphs online test from various educational websites like BYJU'S Exam Prep. Once you know the pattern of an exam, you won't panic in the exam hall as you will have the idea of perfectly managing the available time.

Importance of Functions and Graphs in GATE Exams:

  • Functions & Graphs for computer science help students to represent the flow of computation.
  • It gauges how efficiently a student establishes a relationship between two variable quantities, one in terms of the other.
  • This section determines the proficiency of students in plotting complex functions on graphs. In real life, certain problems, when is represented as a function, can be later plotted as a graph for further analysis.
  • Once the right graph is plotted from a function by learning the concepts from the Functions & Graphs book, it becomes easy to make important inferences from a given relation.

Most Recommended Books to practice Functions and Graphs questions

Some books that can help you in preparing Functions & Graphs notes for ECE, as well as practice different types of questions for GATE, are as follows:



Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

Fundamentals of Mathematical Statistics

S. Chand and Sons

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

RS Aggarwal

Why Prepare Functions and Graphs from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is that education platform that helps students to clarify the concepts of Functions and Graphs while preparing for GATE or other competitive exams. It also has study materials along with Functions & Graphs MCQ PDF which can be used for practicing for the final exams. Apart from this, you can also practice functions and graphs online tests for time-management. You will also get access to solve your doubts and queries that you will come across while solving the functions and graphs question papers. 


How important are online sources for practicing Functions and graph questions?

Online sources provide updated information about the latest pattern of an exam along with the different types of questions at a place, all of which will make you more confident in the main exam.

Is it easy to score in this topic in GATE?

Yes, if you have clear concepts and if you can solve the questions quickly and accurately.

How many minimum numbers of practice sets are needed for enhancing efficiency in this topic?

There is no minimum number of sets that you can practice. It depends how quickly you can enhance your efficiency.

Are mock tests for GATE of any help in preparing for Functions and graphs?

Yes, they are very important as you come to know your preparation level and tune your efforts accordingly for the main exam.

Is it okay to start preparing for Functions and graphs a few months before the main exam?

No, you must start preparing from the beginning to ensure that all the sub-topics are covered along with the problems of different difficulty levels, so that you go to the exam with complete preparation.