Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency

By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Jan 19, 2021, 20:52

Data interpretation & data sufficiency notes for GATE ECE focusses on the frequent topics that are asked in the exam. Some conditions and options then follow the data. Data sufficiency questions might appear complicated due to lengthy questions based on them. Candidates must not panic by the size of the given information and guess answers. The questions for data interpretation and data sufficiency for GATE ECE exam are quite simpler for this topic and you can fetch marks very easily.

Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency is one of the many topics that is necessary for both quantitative aptitude and reasoning ability. IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI PO, and SBI clerk are prominent examinations where data sufficiency and approximation are essential topics. The following section discusses data interpretation and data sufficiency questions in both logical reasoning and maths.

Important Topics of Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency For GATE ECE exam



Permutation and Combination

Problems on the different ways of grouping. Factorization constraints and multiple combinations are also possible.


Solving problems on Principles of probability and related topics and picking an appropriate option.


Calculating surface area according to given data and conditions. Problem-solving with the help of detecting formulae.

Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Calculation of simple interest and compound interest from given interest rate and the number of years with suitable formulae.

Tips to Solve/Prepare for Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Following are some of the tips and tricks that can help candidates solve data sufficiency questions:

  • The questions are relatively lengthy. Hence, you must not panic rather you should read the whole problem very carefully. Some types of data sufficiency questions can also have verbal solutions.
  • Avoid looking for the final answer. Most questions require a single solution that will satisfy the given requirements.
  • Avoid assumptions; information available with the question is the only fact under consideration.
  • Take a point by point approach. Try finding the answer with the first condition. Then continue to add the following requirements to satisfy the answer. 

Importance of Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Topics for GATE ECE

Data interpretation & data sufficiency GATE syllabus play a vital role in professional success. Government agencies look for employees with excellent logical abilities.

  • The chapter on data sufficiency and interpretation helps candidates improve logical judgment. It boosts their logical deduction with multiple options and solutions.
  • Improvements in problem-solving ability and logical reasoning increases the efficiency of a person. Data interpretation & sufficiency syllabus for GATE eventually create better-performing employees.
  • Data sufficiency in logical reasoning and mathematics test the thinking ability. Candidates are put through multiple complex questions to create the right mindset.

Most Recommended Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency Books

The syllabus for the majority of government service and bank exams is quite extensive. Data interpretation & data sufficiency MCQ questions are one of those topics that require comprehensive preparation. Candidates must have access to appropriate data interpretation & data sufficiency GATE questions and answers PDF. Following is a list of the most recommended data interpretation & data sufficiency books.

Name of the Book


Quantitative aptitude

RS Aggarwal

Data interpretation

Arun Sharma

Verbal, non-verbal reasoning

RS  Aggarwal

Why Prepare Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

You will get data interpretation & data sufficiency MCQ PDFs for GATE ECE on BYJU'S Exam Prep. Data interpretation & data sufficiency GATE questions from BYJU'S Exam Prep comprise of latest syllabus and question pattern that are curated by out expert faculty team. It helps candidates to get familiar with new exam patterns. Data interpretation & data sufficiency GATE notes are available in both English and Hindi for candidates' convenience from different categories.


Q. Can I skip data interpretation and date sufficient topic?

It is advisable not to skip the data interpretation and data sufficiency topic for GATE ECE Exam. This topic is helpful for each govt. job aspirant as questions from this topic are asked in many other exams in the reasoning ability and numerical aptitude section.

Q. What is the best way to prepare data sufficiency and approximation topics?

Notes on data interpretation & data sufficiency for computer science help candidates prepare the topic. The above-listed books also can help understand and stand out in the subject.

Q. What are the main subjects to prepare for appearing in the GATE ECE exam?

Candidates must check the official website of their respective exams. The majority of the banking exams include the below-mentioned subjects:

  • Quantitative aptitude and numerical ability
  • English language and verbal ability
  • Computer awareness
  • Reasoning ability and general intelligence
  • General banking finance awareness

Q. Can candidates practice online mock tests on data sufficiency for GATE ECE exam?

Candidates can register with any of the reputed online platforms to take a data interpretation & data sufficiency online test.