By : Vandana Tanwar

Updated : Feb 15, 2021, 9:11

The amplifier is an important topic for GATE exam aspirants. The Amplifiers GATE syllabus questions are meant to gauge the students' understanding of the device's role in enhancing the output waveform. It is an exciting chapter but needs a clear understanding of the concepts to attend all the Amplifiers quiz correctly.

Besides the GATE exam, this topic is also included in other similar exams such as Postgraduate Entrance Examination (PGEE) for IIIT Hyderabad, IIIT Delhi M.Tech Entrance Exam, Vellore Institute of Technology Master's Entrance Exam (VITMEE), IIIT Bangalore M.Tech Entrance Exam, BITSAT Entrance Exam, DAIICT Entrance Exam, UPES Entrance Exam, and others. This necessitates the need for learning the topic thoroughly. Let us see various aspects of Amplifiers topics for GATE ECE in this article that can help you excel in the entrance tests.

Important Amplifier topics for GATE

Some topics that you can find in Amplifiers book while preparing for the entrance examinations are mentioned below:



Amplifier classification

You will learn about Class  A, B and C.

Multistage amplifier

Here you will learn about cascading different amplifiers.

Cascading’s effect 

You will learn what effect cascading amplifiers have on the bandwidth.

Coupling and their characteristics

Here you will learn about RC coupling, transformer coupling and direct coupling.

Cascading designs

You will learn about Darlington pairs and CE-CB design.

Feedback amplifier

You will learn about positive and negative feedback along with their effects.

Tips to Solve Amplifier questions in GATE ECE

Be clear with the fundamentals:

Learning any subject in the electronics stream needs you to be clear with the basics to find it easy to cope with your higher studies' topics. So when you start preparation, collect the complete Amplifiers syllabus for GATE and then mark the book's issues. This will eliminate the chances of wasting time by covering all the topics out of the syllabus's scope.

Prepare notes:

Taking notes while learning the topic will help you gather all the essential points and formulae and make it easier for you to remember facts. You can refer to these Amplifiers notes for ECE later before the exam. In case you have less time, try downloading Amplifiers notes for GATE PDF from the websites like Garadeup and revise them whenever you get time.

Increase accuracy level while solving problems:

When solving the Amplifiers MCQ questions, try to be very careful in reaching the correct answer in a single attempt. Initially, you may not be able to achieve this, but after a couple of Amplifiers online tests, you can notice the improvement

Learn the formulae and shortcuts:

This is very important to solve the numerical problems in the exam quickly. Even though the conventional longer method will also bring you to the correct answer, it will be very time-consuming and not recommended.

Practice for Amplifier Quizzes

This is the key to gain proficiency in the chapter. So you can download Amplifiers GATE questions and answers PDF and practice it once you are done learning the fundamentals. Use a timer to see the time taken to complete each question. If it takes more time, you can better use the shortcuts and tricks to attempt more questions.

Importance of Amplifiers Questions in GATE

  • Amplifiers GATE questions test the knowledge of students in 
  • Amplifier topologies and design techniques
  • Amplifiers GATE notes on Integrated circuits operational amplifiers make a student proficient in questions related to NPN, PNP transistors, and integrated circuit design techniques. When they attend to these questions correctly, it shows that they can implement them in the right way in their jobs.
  • Since students learn the amplifiers' basic and advanced applications, the exam prepares them for the next level of higher studies to further enhance their knowledge in specific subjects in ECE.

Most Recommended Books for Amplifiers

Some of the best for getting Amplifiers study material for GATE ECE and practising the numerical in the topic are as follows:



Op-amps and linear integrated circuit technology

Ramakant A. Gayakwad

Operational Amplifiers - Theory and Design

Johan H. Huijsing

Microelectronic circuits

Adel Sedra and Kenneth C. Smith

Why Prepare Amplifiers from BYJU'S Exam Prep?

BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best platforms for students preparing for Amplifiers for computer science or ECE. It has comprehensive notes explaining the various concepts that are necessary to be implemented while solving related numerical. Along with this, you will find Amplifiers online quiz according to the latest pattern that can be expected in the exam to practice them and attend the main exam confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are books and online sources both essential for preparing for GATE?

Yes, because you can learn the concepts from books but online sources make you aware of the latest exam patterns for practising them well.

Q. How many practice sets do I need to complete before the main exam?

You can download Amplifiers MCQ pdf and try doing some whenever you are free. The number varies from one individual to another. Also, keep in mind that you need to focus on all topics for enhancing your overall GATE score.

Q. Will starting preparation for this chapter 3 months before the exam work?

No, because it has many concepts, you need to understand them and implement them in numerical questions. It needs enough practice; otherwise, you will take a lot of time to solve them in the main exam.

Q. Is scoring in this topic easy?

Yes, with sufficient practice, you can easily solve the questions quickly and score well.

Q. Is appearing online tests at home, of any help?

Yes, appearing as many online tests as possible is better so that you get acquainted with various questions of different difficulty levels.