CAPF AC Study Plan 2023: Day-wise Study Plan for Paper 1 and 2

CAPF AC Study Plan 2023: Day-wise Study Plan for Paper 1 and 2

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Feb 16, 2023
Our experts have discussed the best CAPF AC Study Plan 2023 here to help you prepare for the exam, which will be held on 06 August 2023. Find tips on how to follow the UPSC CAPF AC study plan, day-wise tips, and more here.

CAPF AC Study Plan 2023 will help you boost your preparation for the upcoming exam, which is scheduled for 06 August 2023. As the exam is just around the corner, candidates must revise their concepts and gear up for the big day. In the final preparation phase, the candidates should focus more on revision and utilize their time efficiently to fetch maximum marks. By following our CAPF study plan, you will be able to meet your study targets and improve your chance of scoring well in the exam.

We have provided the subject-wise UPSC CAPF AC study plan here for candidates to take help from. Below, you will also find tips on utilizing this study plan for your exam preparation. Check out the study plan and begin your preparation at the earliest.

CAPF AC Study Plan 2023

The official notification for CAPF AC Exam 2023 is out, and the exam will be conducted on 06 August 2023. This gives the candidates appearing for the exam a limited time to prepare. So, to help them prepare for the exam more efficiently, we have prepared this CAPF AC study plan that will help them cover important topics and crack the exam.

As we know, the CAPF AC exam is conducted by the UPSC and is considered one of the most difficult defence exams, so we have come up with this comprehensive CAPF AC study plan which will help you to make a strategy for the exam. This study plan will help you devise a daily routine where you will revise and cover all the important exam aspects.

Why do we Need to Follow the CAPF Study Plan 2023?

Candidates preparing for competitive exams often find themselves clueless about the exam preparation as they have no plan in mind. With our UPSC CAPF AC study plan, which experts curate, you will be able to boost your preparation while focusing on the right topics from the syllabus. Here are some more reasons why you should follow a study plan:

  • It helps aspirants to stay focused & goal-oriented.
  • Work doesn’t get accumulated with a study plan, and daily studies help reduce your stress level.
  • You don't have to study at odd hours, which also safeguards your physical and mental health.
  • A study plan with regular study increases concentration and inculcates a sense of discipline.
  • Time can be allocated to both curricular and extra-curricular activities.
  • Initially, following a study plan may look difficult, but the rewards of having a study plan are rich, varied, and really long-lasting.

Day-Wise CAPF AC Study Plan 2023

The practice of the topics is crucial to scoring better in the actual exam. The mentioned CAPF study plan aims to help you revise the section-wise topics of Paper 1 and Paper 2 in the remaining time so that you are well-versed with all the important topics before the exam. 

Once you are through with studying concepts of all the essential topics of different sections, start revising them periodically and focus more on attempting quizzes and sample mock tests based on them. To help you with the timetable part, we are sharing a day-wise CAPF AC study plan for both papers- Paper 1 & Paper 2 below:


Paper 1

Paper 2

Day 1

Polity- The Preamble of the Indian Constitution

Economics - Five-Year Plans of India

Tips to Crack CAPF (AC) Exam

Day 2

Polity-Part I of the Constitution: Union & its Territory

Economics -National Income - GDP, GNP, NNP

Paper 2 preparation strategy

Day 3

Polity-The Judiciary System of India

Economics -Inflation in India: WPI, CPI, Effects & Causes

What is Precise Writing; Know Tips, Do's & Dont's of Precise Writing

Day 4 

History: Important Dynasties and their Capitals

Environment: Environment Notes on Ocean Acidification

Paramilitary forces of India

Day 5

Geography: Drainage System in India & its types 

Polity: Features of Indian Constitution 

For and Against Home Work Should Be Banned At Primary Level.

Day 6

History: Palaeolithic age in India

Polity: Panchayati Raj, Municipalities & Centre-State

English: Subject-Verb Agreement

Day 7

Geography: Physical Features of India-Himalayas & Northern Plains 

Polity: List of Fundamental Rights & Fundamental Duties in Constitution 

CAPF AC: Tips to Prepare Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning

Day 8

Mathematics: Tips On Geometry Questions

Naxalism in India

Day 9

Geography: Clouds & its Types: Physical Geography

Economics: Five-Year Plans of India

Superstition and its Existence in Modern Times

Day 10

Polity: Directive Principles of the State Policy 

History: Foreign Invasions in India

Terrorism: Causes, Effects & Way Out

Day 11

Geography: Rivers and its tributaries

Economics: Microeconomics

CAPF(ACs) Study Notes: Overpopulation

Day 12 

Geography: Mineral Resources Found in India

Polity: List of Constitutional Bodies

Important Notes on Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA)

Day 13

Geography: Indian Climate & Weather Conditions

Polity: Background of Indian Constitution: Regulating Act, Charter Act, Pitts India Act & GOI Act

CAPF (ACs) Essay Notes: National Identity and Patriotism

Day 14

Geography: Natural Vegetation: Different Types of Forests in India

Polity: The Vice-President of India

Cashless Economy - Scope and Prospect of future India

How to Follow CAPF AC Study Plan?

In order to successfully pass the upcoming exam, candidates must follow the CAPF AC study plan religiously. The point of the plan is to help you stay consistent with your studies. You can score well in your exam by following a routine, covering all the important topics, and practising mock tests and CAPF AC previous year papers. Here are some tips on how to follow our study plan:

  • Make sure you fix a daily study time and stick to it.
  • Cover the mentioned topics on the mentioned days.
  • Revise on the weekends.
  • Make notes for every important topic.
  • Have an accountability partner who reminds you to stay on track - it could be your parents, friends, or colleagues.

CAPF Study Plan FAQs

  • The best CAPF AC study plan that will help you crack the exam is shared here. With only a few days left for the CAPF exam, covering the entire syllabus in a limited time can be stressful. Follow our study plan to stay on track and score well in the examination.

  • Completing CAPF AC study plan preparation in 2 months is a tough task. With our study plan, shared here, you will be able to study the most important topics frequently asked in the exam. Follow the above shared CAPF study plan to streamline your preparation and enhance your skills.

  • There can be many benefits to following a UPSC CAPF AC study plan. We have shared some of them here:

    • It will help you stay dedicated.
    • It will help you cover the most important topics.
    • You will be able to stay consistent with your studies.
  • Our CAPF AC study plan consists of all the subjects that are asked in the exam. We have provided the plan for both Paper 1 and Paper 2, which consists of the subjects - Polity, Economics, Environment, History, and Geography.

  • You must create a UPSC CAPF study plan if you are appearing for the exam, which is to be held on 06 August 2023. To create your own study plan, you must fix a few hours every day for memorisation, and revision. If you are struggling to create your study plan, you can check ours.

  • You can find the day-wise UPSC CAPF AC study plan here. You will find the study plan for all subjects, including Polity, Economics, Environment, History, and Geography for both Paper 1 and Paper 2. Check out our study plan curated by experts to solidify your exam preparation.

  • Following any plan or routine can get challenging. However, if you want to score well, you would want to stick to our CAPF AC study plan. You must dedicate a few hours per day to learning. Stick to the study plan provided here and complete the daily target-based learning.

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