CAPF Preparation 2023: Subject Wise Preparation Strategy for Paper 1, 2

CAPF Preparation 2023: Subject Wise Preparation Strategy for Paper 1, 2

ByNaveen Singh  |  Updated on: Apr 18, 2023
These CAPF Preparation Tips 2023 will help you prepare for the upcoming CAPF Exam, to be held on 06 August 2023. Get subject-wise expert tips for exam preparation and find book recommendations given with CAPF Preparation Tips here.

CAPF preparation 2023 tips and strategies will help you identify the most important aspects of the syllabus to cover for the exam. To outrank your competition in the exam, you must formulate an impeccable study plan and for that, you will need to know some expert CAPF preparation tips. These preparation tips will help you uncover the best preparation strategies for the written test as well as the PET and interview.

To aid your exam preparation, we have formulated the best UPSC CAPF preparation tips that cover all subjects. Find the details about subject-wise preparation strategies, and physical test and interview tips here.

CAPF Preparation 2023

The Central Armed Police Force exam for the post of Assistant Commandant is highly competitive. To pass the CAPF Exam, you will have to compete with thousands of other applicants. With the help of CAPF AC preparation tips, you will be able to cover all the topics and prepare wisely for the exam. Before we begin with the CAPF preparation, go through the brief overview of the exam pattern below:

CAPF AC Preparation Tips 2023

Paper 1

Candidates will be required to answer 200 MCQs in a two-hour duration. The maximum marks awarded will be 250.

Paper 2 

Candidates will have to answer 6 descriptive questions in a duration of 3 hours for 200 marks.

CAPF AC Preparation Tips for Paper 1 & 2

If you are appearing for the exam, your CAPF AC preparation will involve studying for two papers, i.e., Paper 1 and Paper 2. While we have provided specific CAPF preparation tips for both papers, also check out some general tips given below that would help you prepare for the written exam.

  • Get wholly cognizant of the syllabus and the CAPF Exam Pattern
  • Get hold of all the essential concepts and fundamentals. 
  • Practice the previous year's question papers and mock tests to outrank and outperform in the exam. 
  • Pick out your strengths and weaknesses by getting through the syllabus.
  • Formulate an effective strategy and plan of action.
  • Keep revising the essential topics of the exam.

CAPF Preparation Tips for Paper 1

For CAPF preparation for Paper 1, you will have to study the subjects - General Ability and General Intelligence. These subjects cover a broad range of topics, for which you will have to work on your general knowledge. Follow the tips given below for preparing the Paper 1 topics -

  • Previous Year's Papers - Analyze the UPSC CAPF Previous Year Papers to get an idea about the type of questions that can be asked.
  • Read Newspapers Daily - Nothing can help you work better on your GK than a newspaper.
  • Solve Mock Tests - Keep solving a few questions every other day from CAPF AC Mock Tests and previous year’s papers.
  • Follow a Target-Based Study Approach - To make your preparation efficient & interesting, try to predefine the topics to cover in a day or week for all subjects.
  • Identify Your Strengths - One of the best CAPF preparation strategies is to identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly. Give more time to the topics you know less about but at the same time, ensure that you are revising the topics you do know every day.

CAPF Preparation Tips for Paper 2

The CAPF preparation tips for Paper 2 require an extensive study of the topics - General Studies, Essay Writing, and Comprehension. These topics don’t require studying as much as they require practising. To attempt this paper, you must be aware of the CAPF Syllabus and follow a certain strategy for preparation. Find the CAPF Preparation Tips for this paper given below -

  • Keep the Word Limit in Check - You will be required to write at least 1200 words on different topics.
  • Strategize - Before writing an essay, give yourself 3 minutes to jot down your ideas related to the essay topic on the back of the answer sheet.
  • 5 Ws & H - Make sure you are answering What, Why, Who, Where, When & How about the topic.
  • While writing essays, reports or precise writing, describe the main idea of the topic as soon as possible.
  • Be Mindful - Read the question carefully and answer the question based on the information provided (especially in the comprehension section).
  • In comprehension, never give an answer based on your personal opinion or knowledge.
  • Read Newspapers, Magazines & Articles - It would also help you improve your English language and comprehension.

CAPF Physical Test Preparation

Candidates applying for the Assistant Commandant posts will be asked to appear for a Physical Efficiency Test (PET). According to the CAPF Eligibility Criteria, only those candidates will be allowed to participate in this test who have already cleared the written exam. For the physical test, the candidates will be asked to appear for a series of races, long jumps, and shot-put. Given below are some CAPF preparation tips for PET.

  • Make sure you have covered the required distance/speed in your practice time.
  • Maintain a balanced diet, and exercise regularly to perform your best on the test day.
  • One of the most underrated CAPF preparation tips for PET is to not lose your calm. Believe in yourself and the rest will follow.

CAPF Preparation Tips for Interview/Personality Test

For some people, an interview might not seem like a difficult ordeal. However, this interview will determine whether or not you make it to the final list and get appointed to the CAPF. We have given some CAPF preparation tips for the interview/personality test below:

  • Make sure you appear confident (but not overconfident) at the interview.
  • Refrain from having unpleasant body language.
  • Take your time to answer the questions asked by the interviewer.
  • Be communicative - ask your questions, if you have any.

Best Books for CAPF Preparation 2023

CAPF preparation tips will not be complete unless we state some book recommendations for the same. If you are confused about what books to study for the subjects, you will benefit from this section. Find the list of the best books for CAPF Paper 1 & 2 preparation below:

Best Books for CAPF Paper 1 Preparation




Economic Development & Policies in India – Jain & Ohri, NCERT 11, Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh

Indian Polity

Indian Polity by M Laxmikanth, NCERT for Class 9, 10, 11, 12


Facets of Indian Culture – Spectrum, India's Struggle for Independence – Bipan Chandra, NCERT for Class 11 & 12


World Atlas, Certificate Physical Geography – G C Leong, NCERT for Classes 6 to 12

International Relations

NCERT for Class 12, Current Affairs

Best Books for CAPF Paper 2 Preparation



General Studies

Same books as mentioned above


R.S. Agarwal, Wren & Martin

Last 10 Days CAPF Preparation Strategy

Our subject matter experts have prepared the preparation tips and strategies for the CAPF exam for the last ten days. We are giving you some of the most crucial last-minute CAPF preparation tips and strategies for the last ten days.

Dedicate Time for Important Topics: This is the time when you dedicate specific time to important topics, but you still need to prepare. These topics are asked in the exam but are not specifically part of a particular topic. E.g., National Parks, Dams, Rivers & tributaries, Deserts, International Organizations, etc.

Be Acquainted with the Types of Questions: To get acquainted with the questions, you should attempt the previous year question paper. Observing the pattern of the question will help you understand what is demanded by UPSC. Mock tests are the way to excel.

Solve and Analyze Mock Tests Properly: Mock tests are the best way to perform well in exams. By attempting mock tests, you learn many things, such as new concepts, time management as well as tackling exam pressure. So, practice enough mock tests before appearing for the exam.

Revise the Topic Well: Very few last days before D-day, revision of topics should be your priority. You have already studied the study materials. Focus on changing them when you are comfortable with them. Also, if you have a good habit of making notes of important points, revise them. Try to change one subject daily. 

Be Careful with the Choice of Questions: The questions you choose in the actual exam can make or break your chance of success. Choose questions to attempt wisely and smartly. Identify your strengths in sections and use them wisely. Similarly, identify your weaknesses and avoid making mistakes during the exam. Refrain from getting stuck in any questions during the exam. If you can't solve some questions within a specified time, please leave it and move on to more questions.

Be Ready for Surprises and Don't Panic: The level of questions might vary, and you might not cover some questions that would be asked. Do not lose your calm if you see these questions in the exam. Sometimes you need to use deduction techniques to answer statement-based questions about a particular topic. Still, if you cannot solve it, don’t take it as a challenge and move on to the next question. Do not ever lose your calm and get panic.

Proper Diet and Sleep: Keep yourself healthy with a good diet a few days before the exam. Also, remember to take adequate sleep before the exam. Candidates mostly avoid these things to save time for studying. But that is not good. To perform well in the exam, you need an attentive mind.

Believe in Yourself: Do not get demotivated by anything around you. Last days before exams, avoid group study and focus on self-study. Revise what you studied and stick to your strategy. Refrain from thinking about the level of preparation for others.

CAPF AC Preparation FAQs

  • Cracking the exam can be challenging because of the tough competition. The best CAPF preparation tips include the following:

    • Stay up to date with current affairs.
    • Revise consistently.
    • Practice mock tests and previous year’s question papers.
  • To complete CAPF preparation for Paper 2, first, make a list of the subjects and topics. Divide the preparation time according to how much you already know about that subject and devote some hours each day for revision.

  • Among the CAPF preparation tips, the best one would be to practice regularly and with a clear strategy in mind. Candidates must also take practising mock tests and revising every day seriously.

  • The best books for CAPF preparation are mentioned above. You will find the subject-wise list of books for both Papers 1 & 2 above. Going through the mentioned books will help you prepare for the exam in a better and more strategic way.

  • Paper 1 would be MCQ-type so make sure you are solving mock tests and the previous year’s paper religiously as it will give you an idea of the questions. For more UPSC CAPF preparation tips mentioned above.

  • The ideal time required for CAPF AC preparation is 4-6 months. Since the syllabus of the exam is quite vast, it will require at least a few months time to prepare for the same. If you don’t have much time left for preparation, you must solve mock tests every day.

  • Your CAPF preparation will eventually determine whether or not you find the exam to be difficult or easy. Make sure you are preparing well, and you will be confident. Although the CAPF exam is not the toughest, it is certainly competitive.

  • Preparing for the exam requires time and dedication. Given below are some UPSC CAPF preparation tips if you want to complete the preparation in a span of 3 months:

    • Shortlist the most important topics from exam point of view.
    • Solve mock tests and previous year’s question papers.
    • Revise what you know every day.

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