Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Wordlist: 10th January 2022

By Shruti Kapoor|Updated : January 10th, 2022

Daily updated The Hindu Editorial vocabulary words with their meanings dated 10th January 2022 are important for Bank, SSC, Railway & IAS exams. At BYJU’S Exam Prep, our Series is named as "Daily Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Words List: 10th January 2022" to shape up your vocabulary from the newspaper wordlist.

With the help of a daily wordlist from Hindu newspaper of 10th January 2022, our aim is to help you completely understand the commonly used words with their meanings, pronunciations, synonyms, antonyms, proper use in sentences, etc. Today's the Hindu newspaper contains important vocabulary words like adulate, soar, elite  etc. which can be downloaded from the monthly PDF of The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary to strengthen your preparation.

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Important Vocabulary from The Hindu Editorial: 9th January 2022

1. Word: Quell (शांत करना)

  • Pronunciation: kwel/ क्वेल
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: put an end to (a rebellion or other disorder), typically by the use of force.
  • Synonyms: suppress, subdue, quash, crush, repress
  • Antonyms: encourage, provoke, agitate
  • Usage in a sentence: The President took immediate steps to quell the uprising.

2. Word: Soar (ऊंची उड़ान भरना,इज़ाफ़ा होना)

  • Pronunciation: sor/सोर
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning: 
    a. increase rapidly above the usual level.
  • Synonyms - shoot up,  escalate, fly up
  • Antonyms - fall, plummet, dwindle
  • Usage in a sentence - The cost of living continued to soar in the metro cities.

3. Word: Adulate (चापलूसी करना)

  • Pronunciation: aj-uh-leyt/ऐजलैट
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning:
    a. to admire or praise someone very much, especially when this is more than is deserved
  • Synonyms:  flatter, worship, glorify
  • Antonyms: despise, abuse
  • Usage in a sentence: This country's glorious and wonderful system has been copied and adulated throughout the world.

4. Word: Elite (उच्च वर्ग)

  • Pronunciation: ih-leet/ऐलीट
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society.
  • Synonyms: nobility, prime
  • Antonyms: worst, ordinary
  • Usage in a Sentence: Public opinion is influenced by the small elite who control the media.

5. Word: Ethnic (प्रजातीय)

  • Pronunciation: eth-nik/ एथ्निक
  • Part of Speech: Adjective, Noun
  • Meaning
    a. relating to a population subgroup (within a larger or dominant national or cultural group) with a common national or cultural tradition. [Adjective]
    b. a member of an ethnic minority. [Noun]
  • Synonyms: cultural, native, indigenous
  • Antonyms: nonracial, international, segregative
  • Usage in a Sentence: I do believe it is possible for different ethnic groups to live together in harmony.

6. Word: Chant (गुणगान करना)

  • Pronunciation: chahnt/चैन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Noun, Verb
  • Meaning:
    a.  to sing to a chant, or in the manner of a chant, especially in a church service. (Verb)
    b. a short, simple melody, especially one characterized by single notes to which an indefinite number of syllables are intoned, used in singing psalms, canticles, etc., in church services. (Noun)
  • Synonyms: sing, intone, song
  • Antonyms: carouse, howl
  • Usage in a sentence: The crowd were chanting the team's name.

7. Word: Snowballed (तेज़ी से बढ़ जाना)

  • Pronunciationsnoh-bawld/ स्नोबॉल्ड
  • Part of Speech: Verb
  • Meaning
    a. threw snowballs at
    b. increased rapidly in size, intensity, or importance.
  • Synonyms: raised, increased, added, gained
  • Antonym: decreased
  • Usage in a Sentence: Problems snowball when early trouble signs are ignored.

8. Word: Resentment (नाराजगी)

  • Pronunciation: ri-zent-muhnt/ रिज़ेन्ट्मन्ट
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. the feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act, remark, person, etc., regarded as causing injury or insult.
  • Synonyms: bitterness, animosity, pique
  • Antonyms: friendliness, affection sympathy
  • Usage in a sentence: The players were feeling a sense of resentment after it was announced that they had to train for more hours. 

9.  Word: Storm (ग़ुस्से से चीख़ना)

  • Pronunciation: stawrm/स्टॉर्म
  • Part of Speech: Verb, Noun
  • Meaning:
    a. an extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain, and often thunder and lightning (Noun)
    b. to attack a place or building by entering suddenly in great numbers (Verb)
  • Synonyms: rage, attack, tempest
  • Antonyms: calm, quiet, peace
  • Usage in a sentence: he fortress was stormed by hundreds of soldiers.

10. WordConsensus (सामंजस्य )

  • Pronunciation: kuh n-sen-suh s/कन्सेन्सस
  • Part of Speech: Noun
  • Meaning: a general agreement.
  • Synonyms: accord, concordance
  • Antonyms: disagreement, dissension
  • Usage in a Sentence: The two companies have reached a consensus.


Practice here Daily Wordlist Quiz

The Hindu Newspaper Vocabulary Based Exercises: 9th January 2022

Based on the description of the words, we have some practice questions for you. Answer these questions in the comments section. Our team will review them at the earliest!

Exercise 1. Make your own Sentences.

Here are some of the words from the above article. Try to frame sentences from them in your own words and share them with us in the comments section!

  • Quell
  • Soar
  • Adulate
  • Elite
  • Ethnic

Exercise 2: Match the columns.

SR No.WordSynonym
1 Chant Gained
2 Snowballed Accord
3 Resentment Intone
4 Consensus Tempest
5 Storm Animosity

Share your answers in the comment section. 

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  • The important vocabulary words from The Hindu newspaper of 10th January, 2022 are adulate, soar, chant etc.

  • You can download The Hindu Editorial vocabulary PDF of January 10, 2022 from the monthly capsule.

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