CUET Accountancy Books: Best Booklist and Author Name

By Anjali Chowdhury|Updated : June 7th, 2022

CUET Accountancy Books are of crucial importance in acing the domain section questions in the exam. It is very important that one goes through the books that have been prescribed below so that he/she can effectively ace the test. CUET is being conducted for the very first time in the year 2022.

Students often face difficulty while they go about preparing for the CUET. These difficulties are in terms of what are the right topics to study, what are the right preparation sources and books to refer to and what is the right way to go about the preparation. While covering all these aspects is important, for the time being, we will shift our focus on the books that must be referred to for CUET Accountancy preparation.

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Tips For Choosing The Right Books For CUET Accountancy

There are a few tips and hacks that can assist you in choosing the right and suitable book for the CUET Accountancy Exam. Given below are a few such tips and hacks that you must consider while choosing the right book for CUET preparation for Accountancy.

  • Choose books by reputed authors only – It is generally advisable to go for only those books that have been authored or co-authored by reputed and qualified authors. Books by under-qualified authors most often consist of errors and inconsistencies.
  • Always go for the latest versions – One must go for the latest version of whichever book one is trying to buy or use. This is particularly important because the newer versions always omit errors and mishaps from the older versions thereby providing an even smoother learning experience.
  • Compare and evaluate multiple books – Most often, you’ll find that there’ll be 2 to 3 or even more reputed CUET books of equal worth in the market. In such cases, you are advised to carefully examine and evaluate the relevance and quality of each of them and then decide the right one for you.

CUET Accountancy Books 2022

NTA has officially advised that the official books of NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) should be used for the preparation of CUET 2022. Apart from that, some other books can also aid and ease your Accountancy preparation. A brief description of all such books is given below.

CUET Accountancy Books 2022
T.S Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping
Accountancy class by D.K Goel
Accounting Made Easy - Rajesh Agrawal. R Srinivasan
Accounting for Management - Srivastava & Sakthivel Murugen
S. Chands Rapid Revision in Accountancy 12th Edition

Why Suggested CUET Accountancy Books Are Most Appropriate?

The books that have been suggested herein for the CUET Accountancy Exam are the most appropriate and suitable ones as far as succeeding in the exam is concerned. They have been handpicked because of the following features.

  • The books that have been suggested are the ones by the best of the best authors in the country for the exam.
  • They have been used by aspirants preparing for different types of exams and tests for accountancy.
  • Also, they have all the relevant and updated content that is required to ace the CUET Accountancy.
  • Newer versions of these books keep coming in the market at frequent intervals thereby ensuring that the content doesn’t get obsolete.
  • These books not only contain preparatory content in the form of text but are also full of illustrations and diagrams.
  • You will also find questions for practice in these books.

How to Prepare using CUET Accountancy Books?

CUET Accountancy Books are of crucial importance when it comes to preparation. Given below are tips and methods that one may deploy while using books for his/her preparation.

  • Focus on the syllabus – The first and foremost thing to do is to be well versed in the exam syllabus of accountancy. Make sure you go through the CUET Syllabus in detail.
  • Create a study plan – Creating an effective and suitable study plan or routine as per your needs, other activities and time constraints is also of very much importance when it comes to effective utilization of books.
  • Use a notebook as a micro version of the book – Using a notebook is very important to note down all the content you study and grasp from the book in a concise and brief manner so that it is easier for you to learn and revise things in the long run.
  • Solve as many questions as you can – Apart from preparation from the CUET Accountancy books, it is also suggested to solve as many questions as possible. While quantity of questions is also a factor, the quality should also be maintained and you should solve varied types of questions with varied level of difficulty.


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CUET Accountancy Books FAQs

  • Some of the highly recommended Accountancy books for the CUET are provided by the experts here. Check the most recommended books below.

    • T.S Grewal's Double Entry Book Keeping,
    • Accountancy class by D.K Goel and
    • Accounting Made Easy - Rajesh Agrawal. R Srinivasan .
  • The book that is being considered by one for CUET Accountancy Exam must be from a reputed and qualified author. It should also be the latest version and should cover the maximum percentage of the CUET Syllabus.

  • To ace CUET Accountancy Exam, one should make sure that he/she prepares a study plan first of all. This, combined with the right books and CUET Preparation material can result in long-run exam success.

  • The aforementioned books for CUET Accountancy cover almost 90 to 100% syllabus. Students are generally suggested to use more than 1 book so that it is ensured that almost 100% of the syllabus is being covered.

  • The CUET Accountancy book that is being considered as a buying decision by a candidate should be the latest version of the publication. It should also be authored by a reputed and qualified author. It must contain the CUET Question Papers.



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