ICMR JRF Preparation Tips 2023

ICMR JRF Preparation Tips 2023

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: Oct 6, 2022
Know Complete ICMR JRF Preparation Strategies to crack the exam. Candidates can check important tips and tricks with the best study plan to outperform all the competitors in the ICMR JRF exam.

The BEP experts provide ICMR JRF Preparation Tips to help students in their studies. The exam is conducted for Life Sciences and Social Sciences aspirants who want to make their career in the research field or pursue a Ph.D. program with ICMR support. The candidates must start preparing for ICMR JRF now.

The last time ICMR JRF preparation strategies may sometimes help bring the actual potential to the Exam paper. To achieve the target, candidates need to push themselves harder. It is crucial to identify the weak areas you may miss and work harder on them to succeed. In the article, you can find some tips and strategies to crack the ICMR JRF.

How to Prepare for ICMR JRF Exam 2023?

ICMR conducts a National level examination for determining the eligibility of Indian National candidates for the award of JRF through ICMR. To crack this prestigious exam, applicants should make an arrangement and plan to prepare for the ICMR JRF. Here, you can find a few tips and suggestions to pace up your preparation.

1. Start As Soon As Possible

This exam is considered one of the toughest, offering few fellowships for the right candidates. Therefore, it is crucial to start your preparation at least 4 months before the date of the ICMR JRF exam.

2. Keep Solving and Analyzing Tests

The aspirants should solve full-length mock test papers and previous years' papers on ICMR JRF to understand what to expect from ICMR JRF. It will help assess your performance and make you confident for the ICMR JRF exam. You can easily find out in which areas you need more time & preparation. Students can attempt Daily quizzes and ICMR JRF Previous year papers on the Byjus Exam Prep app. You can also go for Byjus Exam Prep Test Series, in which you will get 1 free mock test for Life Science.

3. Refer to Good Books to clear the concepts

Students must clear their concepts with the help of good reference ICMR JRF books and updated study material so as not to face hurdles during the exam. The questions in ICMR JRF are structured to bring out your understanding and basic knowledge of Biotechnology. Therefore, try to be more concise and precise over concepts and basic knowledge rather than running on the path of blind learning and studying everything.

4. Make A Comprehensive Study Plan

Aspirants need to follow the study plan and design it in such a way as to solve at least 1 mock test/previous year's paper a day to increase their understanding of concepts. You can take references from the ICMR JRF Study Plan. Similarly, you can make a study plan as the regular dose of revision matters much more than any other thing during the preparation time. It would help if you revised all the topics you studied during this preparation course. At many points, you will find that remembering all the things simultaneously becomes hard. Make short keyword-based notes and map notes to revise all points quickly. Keep on appearing for mock tests regularly.

5. Section-wise Preparation Strategy for ICMR JRF

For Part A of the ICMR JRF Exam:

  • A clear understanding of the General Aptitude syllabus and ICMR JRF exam pattern, highlight those topics left to study and add them to your study plan.
  • Give special attention to 9th and 10th level concepts of General Science, 11th & 12 th Chemistry, and Biostatistics.
  • Refer to good reference books as mentioned below,
SectionBook Name
SECTION - A (General Aptitude)Quantitative Aptitude and Numerical Ability for all Competitive Examinations by Kiran Prakashan
A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by Aggarwal
Analytical Reasoning by M.K Pandey
A New Approach to Numerical Ability by Navratan Singh
IQ and Aptitude Tests: Assess Your Verbal, Numerical & Spatial Reasoning Skills by Philip Carter
Numerical Ability and mathematical Aptitude by Aditham Rao
GATE General Aptitude: Numerical & Verbal Ability by ACE Engineering Academy

For Part B & C of ICMR JRF

  • Clearly understand the Life Science or Social Science syllabus and ICMR exam pattern. Also, highlight those topics left to study and add them to your study plan.
  • Start preparing with the current topics from the CSIR NET syllabus, like molecular biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetic Engineering, Immunology, Microbiology, Genetics, and Most Importantly, Tools & Techniques. As the syllabus of CSIR and ICMR are interrelated.
  • Refer to good reference ICMR JRF books as mentioned below,

Life Science -

Book NameAuthor
Lehninger Principles of BiochemistryNelson and Cox
Biochemistry: International EditionStryer, Berg and Tymoczko
Molecular Cell BiologyLodish
Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and ExperimentsGerald Karp
Molecular Biology of the GeneJames D. Watson
Kuby ImmunologyOwen, Punt, Stanford,7th Ed
Immunology (Instant notes)Lydyard
Developmental BiologyScott F. Gilbert
Plant PhysiologyRoss and Salisbury
Human Anatomy and PhysiologyGraaff
Principles of GeneticsD. Peter Snustad, Michael J. Simmons
Genetics: Principles and AnalysisDaniel L Hartl and Elizabeth W. Jones
Elements of EcologySmith & Smith
Theory of EvolutionDawkins & Maynard

Social Science-

Book NameAuthor
An Introduction to Agricultural Social SciencesSubhash Chandra
Advance Economic TheoryH.L. Ahuja
Elementary Economic TheoryK.K. Dwett
Sociology: Themes and PerspectiveHaralambos
Sociological TheoryGeorge Ritzer
Trueman's UGC NET SociologyS. Hussain
UGC NET: Sociology Exam GuideRPH Editorial
Essential SociologySeema and Nitin Sangwan

6. Time Management

In the ICMR JRF exam, you will be allowed 2 hours of exam time in which you must attempt 50 (compulsory) + 75 out of 100 questions. So make a habit of managing time by practicing more & more questions. There will be a negative marking of 25% for each wrong answer.

7. Do Not Try New Topic During ICMR JRF Last Minute

Students should not study any new topic during the last weeks. It may bring unnecessary anxiety and can disturb your overall preparation. Instead, you should keep practicing the previous topics and solve mock test papers. Studying more or studying all is not at all required for this exam. If you have not studied these topics previously, do not give them a try. Instead, regularly revising your studied topics is the key to success.

8. Always Make Notes for Formulas and Important Concepts

Make a habit of writing all the important experimental questions, concepts, and constants separately in a short note to keep them revising as one go. This will help you quickly revise the ICMR JRF syllabus during last-minute preparations.

9. Add Exercise/Yoga, Meditation, and Power Naps to Your Study Plan

  • As you must have heard, a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, but being a Biology student, you must also understand the reverse: "only a healthy mind can have a healthy body." Just maintain the calmness of your brain by taking small breaks from your study schedule. You can start with basics like PRANAYAM, MEDITATION, YOGA, etc.
  • You may include two short power naps after every 5 – 6 hours of continuous study.
  • Avoid alcohol/cigarette / excessive caffeine consumption as it can directly disturb your brain.

10. Take Help and Ask the Expert

  • You must take help from those genuine friends who have qualified for this exam in the past to motivate yourself, and also, it will help you get some amazing tips. You can also subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch the videos of expert faculty.
  • You can have a chat discussion on this channel to ask your doubts or queries related to this exam.
  • Develop a positive attitude in life to achieve any competitive exam. Never think negatively like this exam is the last hope in life. Don't worry, and you will have a brighter life ahead. This is just a milestone.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for ICMR JRF Exam

Aspirants should make a strong strategy or follow some last-minute tips to pass this prestigious ICMR JRF exam. Check all the important that need to be kept in mind before attempting the exam mentioned below:

1. Things To Focus On

In the last days of the preparation journey, the aspirants should try to find the important chapters or units which are very important from the exam point of view. In these 2 days, try to revise more and more and focus on the important concepts. Do not go for the whole syllabus again. Else, you will get confused. Instead, segregate the important things and complete them.

2. Attempt Mock Tests/Quizzes

Do not forget to attempt a mock test before the exam. This will help you to increase your speed, and you will feel motivated after attempting it. You will be able to handle the last-minute exam pressure and can score more marks. You can experience which questions you need to skip and what type of questions you need to attempt from mock tests. You can make a proper strategy.

3. Prepare Short Notes

Try to write all the important formulas and concepts in one place so that you can quickly look over them before writing the exam. You will not need to review the ICMR JRF syllabus to revise the important points or formulas. You can make small cards also for formulas and concepts.

4. Conversation with The Experienced Students

Talk with your seniors or people who have already appeared in the exam. They will guide you with their experiences. You will get more things to learn from them. You can also follow their strategies to attempt the question paper or do it during the exam day.

Important Things to Avoid on ICMR JRF Exam Day

Some points must be kept in mind during the exam day to avoid any hustle. These things need to be avoided strictly. Check 4 important things that the aspirants must avoid on exam day mentioned below:

1. Don't Be Late

Try to reach at least 90 minutes before the start of the ICMR JRF exam. As the official document states, "Late arrivals are not allowed. In addition, if your ICMR JRF test center is located in another city, you must be there one day before to familiarize yourself with the location and other amenities.

2. Bring The Required Documents

Gather all essential documents such as the ICMR JRF admit card, a photo ID, and all other required documents the day before the exam so this does not become a problem on the ICMR JRF exam. In addition, print a hard copy of the admit card for ICMR JRF to avoid discrepancies.

3. Solve The Simple Questions First 

Save your time by solving the simple question first. Don't get carried away by complicated questions. It will take some time, and you will not have enough time to attempt all the questions. Choose "Quality over Quantity" when selecting questions. There may be easier questions after more difficult ones.

4. Consider The Negative Marking

Try to solve those questions of which you will be sure. If you select the wrong answer, then it will give you a negative mark for each wrong answer. Create a suitable strategy and try only the number of questions to help you overcome the cutoff. Candidates generally try to increase the number of attempts by selecting the guessed answer that causes them to get the negative mark, nullifying the marks of correct answers.

ICMR JRF Exam Preparation FAQs

  • The Byjus exam prep experts have formulated the best preparation strategy for the ICMR JRF. Many candidates have benefited after following these strategies and scored a good rank in the exam. These included knowledge of patterns, syllabi, questions asked, and solving mock tests. Check the preparation tips here.

  • Yes, you can clear the exam if you have an excellent preparation strategy. You must make a study plan and follow it strictly to achieve a good score. You can check ICMR JRF Study Plan for the 2-month preparation plan for the ICMR JRF.

  • Both exams are prestigious national-level exams for Life Science aspirants. If you qualify for any of these exams, you will get a monthly stipend to pursue your research career and also will be able to interact with well-known Scientists from CSIR NET labs or ICMR labs.

  • ICMR JRF, in collaboration with the PGIMER Chandigarh, conducts the entrance examination to award scholarships to top candidates based on merit. Check ICMR JRF Syllabus for better preparation.

  • To prepare well for the exam candidates must include the ICMR JRF books suggested by most of the experts for the best result. Candidates must include these books in their study material because this will help them in clearing the concept and getting the desired result in the exam.

  • Solving mock tests/ quizzes allows the aspirants to handle the last-minute exam pressure and score more marks. You can experience which questions you need to skip and what type of questions you need to attempt from mock tests during the ICMR JRF preparation. You can make a proper strategy.

  • You will get an idea about the difficulty level of the questions and the most asked topics in the exam by attempting ICMR JRF Previous Year Question Papers.