ICMR JRF Analysis 2022: Detailed Paper Review, Difficulty Level

ICMR JRF Analysis 2022: Detailed Paper Review, Difficulty Level

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: Sep 20, 2022
ICMR JRF Analysis 2022 is shared here on September 23, 2022. Candidate can check the complete exam paper review and can also check the question asked in the examination paper, difficulty level, expected cut-off is shared for life and social science.

ICMR JRF Exam Analysis 2022 is typically for students looking for exam analysis to understand better the exam's difficulty level and the number of questions each unit asks. The ICMR JRF exam is conducted online to grant Junior Research Fellowship Program to selected candidates.

The ICMR JRF Exam Analysis 2022 provides information on the difficulty of the exam, as well as the cut-off and questions asked in the previous year's exam. As a result, the candidate can adequately prepare. BYJU'S Exam Prep experts give ICMR JRF exam analysis to provide vital insights into the exam level, difficulty level, and more.

ICMR JRF Analysis 2022

The overall difficulty of the exam is detailed in the ICMR JRF Exam Analysis 2022. A single three-section paper is conducted for the ICMR JRF exam, and section A contains questions about broad aptitude and general knowledge, which all applicants must attempt. On behalf of the Indian Council of Medical Research, the ICMR JRF 2022 exam will be conducted on September 23, 2022, by the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER) Chandigarh.

According to ICMR JRF Exam Analysis, The ICMR JRF Exam will be moderate in terms of difficulty level. Section A contains 50 questions. The subject-specific sections (B and C) are the last two sections. Portion B contains life science questions, while section C has social science questions. Candidates must fill out one of the B or C parts of the application. These sections each featured 100 questions, but only 75 of them needed to be answered. Only the first 75 questions will be examined if candidates answered all 100 questions. The exam lasted two hours, and there were 125 questions to answer. The exam pattern, difficulty level, and effectively cut for the ICMR JRF 2022 exam will be discussed here. Within 15 days of the exam, the official ICMR JRF Answer Key will be available for download.

ICMR JRF Exam Analysis Highlights

As per the ICMR JRF Exam Analysis, the ICMR JRF exam is likewise expected to be moderate in difficulty. For admission to the Ph.D. In the research program, the exam is administered. The institute holds a national-level fellowship examination to determine who is eligible for a JRF award. Candidates who wish to pursue a Ph.D./ Research program with the help of the ICMR must pass the ICMR JRF exam. Institute holds the admission examination in collaboration with the Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER), Chandigarh. This exam is open to candidates with an M.Sc./ M.A. degree from a recognized university or an equivalent level. The highlights of the ICMR JRF Analysis are presented here based on candidate exam reviews.

  • The ICMR JRF will be administered via an online center-based test.
  • There will be three sections to the ICMR JRF exam: Life Science, Social Science, and General Aptitude.
  • Each section has a set time limit.
  • The difficulty level of the ICMR JRF will be discussed here.

Snapshot of the ICMR JRF Exam Analysis

ICMR JRF Exam Analysis
Mode of ICMR JRF ExamCBT, i.e., Online Mode
Number of SectionsThree
Negative Marking0.25
Exam TypeMultiple Choice Question

ICMR JRF Analysis: Difficulty Level

The thorough ICMR JRF exam analysis includes information on the difficulty level of each component, which will be released when the exam is completed. This will provide you with an accurate assessment of your exam performance.

ICMR JRF 2022 Difficulty Level
Section ATo be notified
Section BTo be notified
Section CTo be notified

ICMR JRF Exam Analysis: Good Attempts

According to the exam analysis of each part, the experts will provide the number of good attempts. After the ICMR JRF exam, candidates can review their subject-by-subject attempts here. It's important to recognize the good attempt and accuracy.

ICMR JRF Expected Cut-off 2022

After all the examinations are completed, the ICMR JRF will provide the expected ICMR JRF cutoff for college admissions based on exam analysis and review. The ICMR will provide the official cutoff later.

ICMR JRF Section-Wise Exam Analysis 2022

The three sections of the ICMR JRF exam are General Aptitude, Life Science, and Social Science. Here is a summary of each section. Analysis of each section is provided here. Check the analysis below. The section is:

  • General Aptitude.
  • Life Science.
  • Social Science.

Below is a subject-by-subject examination analysis for each section. To check the subjects and questions, download the ICMR JRF Question Papers 2022. The following are some of the expected topics from each section.

ICMR JRF General Aptitude Section Analysis

Analyze the number of questions asked in the ICMR JRF General Aptitude section.

TopicsNumber of Question
Common StatisticTo be notified
General KnowledgeTo be notified
Scientific PhenomenonTo be notified

ICMR JRF Life Science Section Analysis

Examine the number of questions asked throughout the ICMR JRF Life Science section.

TopicsNumber of Question
MicrobiologyTo be notified
BiotechnologyTo be notified
BiophysicsTo be notified
ZoologyTo be notified
BiochemistryTo be notified
NursingTo be notified
GeneticsTo be notified

ICMR JRF Social Science Section Analysis

Check the number of questions asked in the ICMR JRF Social Science section.

TopicsNumber of Question
PsychologyTo be notified
SociologyTo be notified
Home ScienceTo be notified
Statistics AnthropologyTo be notified
Social workTo be notified
Public Health/Health economicsTo be notified

ICMR JRF Exam Pattern

The ICMR JRF syllabus is broken into three sections. Each candidate, however, is only obliged to attempt two subjects. The ICMR JRF General Aptitude section is mandatory, and all 50 questions must be answered. Candidates must pick from the 100-question ICMR JRF Life Science and Social Sciences portions. Candidates must indicate their preference for Life Science or Social Sciences on the application form. Only 75 of 100 questions from one of these areas must be attempted. As a result, the ICMR JRF has a total of 125 questions. Each question is worth one mark, and the overall score for the ICMR JRF 2022 exam is 125. The ICMR JRF Exam pattern and marking Scheme are detailed in the table below.

ICMR JRF Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme
SectionNumber of QuestionsCompulsory QuestionsMarkingNegative Marking
Section A 5050+10.25
Section B10075+10.25
Section C 10075+10.25

ICMR JRF Previous Year Exam Analysis

On September 12, 2021, the ICMR JRF 2021 was held to identify qualified candidates for the Junior Research Fellowship Program. The ICMR JRF 2021 exam was completed entirely online. The ICMR JRF 2021 Exam had a moderate overall difficulty level, and the exam was only conducted in one shift. The overall analysis of ICMR JRF 2021 is given below.

ICMR JRF Analysis: Highlights

The Exam Analysis and the overall difficulty of the ICMR JRF exam, which was conducted on September 12, 2021, are given below. Candidates can check the Exam Analysis of ICMR JRF 2021 to give them a brief idea about the ICMR JRF 2022 exam and prepare well for the examination.

  • The level of difficulty was moderate.
  • Section A was more challenging than Sections B and C, and the majority of the questions were analytical, consisting primarily of math questions, questions based on equations, and critical scientific topics, among other things.
  • Section B and Section C were a bit easier than Section A, and the level was somewhat easy and challenging.
  • The questions were short and conceptual.
  • The exam pattern for any of the components remained unchanged.
Section A (General Aptitude)Moderate
Section B (Life Science)Easy to Moderate
Section C (Social Science)Easy to Moderate

ICMR JRF Analysis: Question Asked in Exam

The ICMR JRF exam held on September 12, 2021, was moderate. Candidates will understand the question pattern that will be asked in the ICMR JRF 2022 exam by studying the previous questions asked in the exam. Below is the type of questions asked in the ICMR JRF exam.

  1. Formic Acids produced by?
  2. Graphite & Diamond are the forms of?
  3. 1 light-year = ______ Years?
  4. One Yard equals how many inches?
  5. Is the drug used to treat malaria?
  6. What is the Full form of GPS?
  7. Which Burkitt's Lymphoma Translocation between Chromosome 14 and Chromosome 8?
  8. Is operation flood for?
  9. Employment Age to work in a factory?
  10. Which of the following is present in the Automobile Exhaust System?
  11. Delta variant, also known as the?
  12. The earthworm is brown due to which pigment?
  13. Which of the following is an mRNA Vaccine?
  14. Which of the following is not a vestigial organ in a man?

ICMR JRF Exam Analysis FAQs

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  • After the exam, the number of good attempts determined by the ICMR JRF Exam Analysis 2022 will be posted here. After the exam, candidates can verify the number of good attempts in each part.

  • After completing the exam, the ICMR JRF expected cut-off would be posted here. After the exam analysis for all shifts, the ICMR JRF 2022 cutoff will be reviewed. So, after the exam, stay in touch with BYJU'S Exam Prep.

  • According to the ICMR JRF Exam Analysis 2022, the ICMR JRF exam is moderately challenging. Candidates who understand the fundamentals can ace the exam and score high.