BARC OCES Syllabus 2023- Download Subject-Wise Syllabus PDF

BARC OCES Syllabus 2023- Download Subject-Wise Syllabus PDF

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: Aug 2, 2022
BARC OCES Syllabus 2023 for science and engineering stream is shared. Download the latest updated BARC OCES Syllabus PDF to know in and out of the exam topics of each subject to prepare well for the exam.

BARC OCES Syllabus 2023 was recently updated by the Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC). The candidates who wish to appear for the BARC OCES exam must go through the detailed syllabus of BARC OCES to understand the topics that need to be covered. The knowledge of essential topics to clear the exam with the targeted preparation. Check the subject-wise BARC OCES syllabus.

The link to download BARC OCES Syllabus PDF for various Engineering streams and science subjects is given below. Candidates must be conscious of branch-wise topics for each subject to boost and plan their preparation for the exam. 

BARC OCES Syllabus 2023

Candidates must be aware of the latest BARC OCES syllabus 2023 to be acquainted with the topics important for the exam. Knowledge of topics helps you understand what needs to be prepared. Make a perfect preparation strategy around the topics to clear the BARC OCES exam effortlessly.

The syllabus for BARC OCES 2023 is very much similar to the GATE exam. The candidates preparing for the GATE exam do not need to scratch their heads over the topics. It is essential to prepare all the topics given in the subject-wise syllabus. The BARC OCES Syllabus is divided into two categories- science streams and engineering. Let's quickly look at the table below for the subjects.

Science StreamsChemistry, Geology, Physics, Bioscience, Radiological Safety & Environmental Science
EngineeringComputer Science, Instrumentation, Chemical and Electrical, Electronics and communication, Civil Topics, Computer Science and Mechanical.


Get the elaborate subject-wise topics in the BARC OCES Syllabus PDF. Get acquainted with the important topics by downloading the syllabus from the given link. Save the file on the device for future use.

BARC OCES Syllabus 2023 PDF

BARC OCES Syllabus for Engineering Subjects

Given below is the syllabus of BARC OCES for various engineering streams. The stream includes Instrumentation engineering, ECE, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and more.

Instrumentation Engineering

Analog electronics

Analytical, Optical, and Biomedical instrumentation

Basics of circuits
Signals and systems
Digital Electronics
Industrial Instrumentation
Measurement systems
Transducers, Mechanical measurement
Civil Engineering

Analog electronics

Concrete technology, Advanced Surveying

Theory of structures
Structural design specifications
Steel structure design
Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering
Highway Engineering
Tunneling and Hydrology
Applied Mechanics
Water Resources Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering

Analog communication

Engineering Mathematics
Network Theory
Embedded Processors
Control Systems
Digital Signal Processing
Signals and Systems
VLSI Design and Technology
Mechanical EngineeringTheory of Machines
Engineering Metrology
Fluid Mechanics

Production Technology

Strength of materials 
Internal Combustion Engines
Machine Design
Refrigeration and air conditioning
Theory of machines
Hydraulic machines
Heat transfer
Electrical Engineering


Ohm’s Law
Single-phase motor
Electric machine design
Electric machine design
Synchronous motors
High voltage Engineering
Electric power generation
High voltage Engineering
Electric circuit
Electric transmission
Chemical EngineeringChemical reaction Engineering
Chemical Engineering thermodynamics
Chemical process
Mechanical operations

Furnace technology

Materials and constructions
Environmental Engineering
Fuels and combustion
Fertilizer technology

Heat transfer

Mass transfer

BARC OCES Syllabus of Science Subjects

Below are the topics in various science subjects for BARC OCES 2023 Syllabus. Candidates for the science stream must review the topics for better BARC OCES Preparation.

BARC OCES Syllabus for Physics

BARC OCES Syllabus for Mathematics

BARC OCES Syllabus for Chemistry


Compound interest

Redox reactions and Hydrogen

Principles of communication

Volume and surface area

Chemical bonding and molecular structure

Dual nature of matter and radiation

Permutation and combination

S-block elements and P-block elements

Current electricity

Simple Interest

Environmental chemistry and States of matter


Heights and distance

Basic concepts of Chemistry 

Work, power, and Energy

Square root and cube root

Chain rule

Photochemistry and Nuclear chemistry



Problems with Ages, Time, and work

Thermodynamics and Equilibrium and Electrochemistry

Magnetic effects of Electric current


Acids and bases and Chemistry of transition elements

Magnetism and magnetic effects of current

Decimals and fractions

Analytical chemistry and Quantum chemistry

Solids and Fluids

Partnerships and Races and games

Structure and bonding and Bioorganic chemistry

How to prepare BARC OCES Syllabus?

Strategies are very important, especially when it's about covering the syllabus of exams that can shape your career. One should consider many factors before formulating any strategies regarding the exam, such as BARC OCES 2023 eligibility, the exam pattern, the syllabus, and proper time management. How you plan your preparation can have a powerful effect on your result. Here are the few strategies we have formulated for you to prepare for BARC OCES.

  • Highlight the Important Topics - Highlighting the topics that seem important to you can save a lot of time for you as you won't have a problem searching them all over your books. You can also save time by not forgetting to look up important topics during preparation.
  • Keep Revising - Revising the topics can ensure your preparations for the exam.
  • Clear Every Concept - Make sure not to leave any stone unturned. Clarification of the topics and put a great effect on your preparations.
  • Interact with the Experts - Having a productive conversation regarding the exam can give many ideas on how to face it.
  • Time Management - Time management is the key to any work. With proper time management, you can not only complete your syllabus on time but also will feel calm during the preparation.

Best Books for BARC OCES Syallbus

Below is a list of best-reviewed books for the BARC OCE Syllabus that will help you clear the exam. Check the list of BARC OCES books for each subject below.

Mechanical Engineering For CompetitionsR.K Jain 
Artificial Intelligence: A Modern ApproachPeter Norvig
Objective Electrical Technology 2008Rohit Mehta
Introduction To Physical Metallurgy 1964 Sidney H. Avner
Engineering Materials & MetallurgyR.K. Rajput
Civil Engineering: Conventional and Objective TypeJ.K. Gupta
Introduction to Measurements and InstrumentationArun K. Ghosh
A Handbook for Electronics EngineeringMade Easy Team


  • Bhabha Atomic Research Center has released the latest BARC OCES Syllabus for the exam on the official website. Candidates who are preparing for the BARC OCES exam must check the science and engineering subject syllabus. The syllabus is an important component of the preparation for the exam.

  • The candidates preparing for the BARC OCES 2023 EXAM can use their time wisely and surely crack the exam in preparation for 3 months. Check the tips and strategy for the BARC OCES Preparation to ace the exam with flying colours.

  • There are a lot of books available to cover the BARC OCES Syllabus effectively. Candidates can check the topic-wise BARC OCES books for science and engineering subjects from the link given.

  • Candidates can download the BARC OCES syllabus PDF from the official website or the direct link. Candidates must keep the syllabus PDF handy to check important topics anytime.

  • Yes, the overall syllabus of both exams is similar. BARC OCES Syllabus is a little extra than the GATE JRF syllabus as it includes the interview in the selection process.

  • No, there have been no changes in the BARC OCES syllabus recently. There are some changes in the syllabus to incorporate the recent development in the various fields.