BARC OCES Salary 2023, In Hand Salary, Job Profile, Allowances

BARC OCES Salary 2023, In Hand Salary, Job Profile, Allowances

ByRenuka Miglani  |  Updated on: Aug 3, 2022
BARC OCES salary 2023 is discussed here to give good reasons for the preparation of the exam. Check in-hand salary structure, allowances, perks, job profile, probation period, promotion, and other benefits of BARC OCES

BARC OCES Salary is an important factor that boosts the morale of candidates during the preparation. Apart from the feeling of contentment, the job comes with a handsome salary. With a handsome salary and an interesting job profile, BARC provides its employees with several other benefits and allowances. Here, we've prepared an article for you to get your doubts regarding BARC OCES salary and job profile cleared.

Scroll down to acknowledge the BARC OCES salary and the job profile. Accurate knowledge of the salary structure helps the candidate get a clear mindset of what they will get after clearing the exam. For the first year, selected candidates will get a training stipend and a full salary. 

BARC OCES Salary 2023

BARC OCES salary comprises many components, i.e., basic salary, allowances, perks, and more. Candidates join the BARC for the pride that comes with the job, not the salary. Here we have discussed the structure, job profile, and growth perspective. It is directly linked to the phrase, “Hard work pays off.” Look at the BARC OCES salary that a recruited candidate will pursue.

  • After selection as a BARC OCES officer, the candidates are paid a basic salary of ₹ 56,100 by pay matrix 7 and level 10.
  • BARC will also provide the officer with additional allowances along with basic pay.
  • The Officers can also expect to be compensation of ₹ 55,000
  • The total added-up salary along with the allowances will make up to ₹ 95,000
BARC OCER Salary Structure
Basic pay₹ 56,100
One-time book allowance₹ 18000 
Pay level₹ 56,100- pay matrix 7
Allowance money₹ 38,000-39,000 
Total salary generated by an employee₹ 95,000 (approx)

BARC OCES In Hand Salary

The in-hand salary of BARC OCES is ₹ 95,000 as per the 7th pay commission. It falls under pay matrix 7 and level 10. Apart from the basic pay, the selected candidate is entitled to various perks and allowances per the BARC guidelines. The overall salary is around 1 lakh per month.

BARC OCES Salary: Allowances and Perks

After checking the basic BARC OCES salary, you must be excited about the allowances and perks. Here is the list of the allowances provided by BARC institutes to its employees-

  • Leave Travel concession by air
  • House Rent
  • Children Education
  • Transport Allowance
  • Medical Facility For Dependents and Self
  • Performance Related Incentive System
  • Township

BARC OCES Probationary Period

The Orientation Course for Engineering Graduates and Science (OCES) Postgraduates is conducted for one year at the five BARC training schools in Mumbai, Kalpakkam, Indore, and Hyderabad. All selected candidates get paid during the training period. Check the details about the training period below:

  • One time allowance for books of ₹ 18,000 is granted.
  • In addition, the stipend of ₹ 55,000 per month is granted during the period.
  • Boarding and lodging in DAE Hostel are mandatory for OCES TSOs during the Training period.

BARC OCES Job Profile

BARC OCES offers a lot with your hard work. The scientific trainees have diversified jobs, which may be a bit challenging. The work they have to go through is as below-

  • In case the project is at the initial stage, complete R&D.
  • In the advanced facility, complete proper maintenance and operation along with R&D.
  • If the facility is fully functional, then maintenance & operation.
  • The employees will have to work on developing and expanding Research Reactors/ Nuclear Power, Nuclear Fuel Cycle Technologies, and Accelerators.
  • In all the areas of Physics, Chemistry, bioscience, and geology, the candidates are expected to do their research and present it.

BARC OCES Career Growth and Promotion

Being an employee of the esteemed organization Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) is very prideful. The organization does everything to keep the morale high by giving regular promotions, incentives, and career growth as a BARC OCES officer. Check the important facts about the BARC OCES career growth and promotions.

  • BARC provides its Scientific Officers, Performance-related incentives majorly, organizational incentives, Group incentives, and individual incentives.
  • The Promotion is based on Ranking and Merit.
  • It is a moment of pride to work in the prestigious organization set up by Dr.Homi. J. Bhabha


  • After the 7th Pay Commission, the basic salary for the BARC OCES is ₹56,100. It is an excellent salary to start with. The in-hand salary after the allowances and perks reaches 1 lakh rupees.

  • There is a probation period for the BARC OCES officer of 1 year. During this period, the selected candidates are trained for the various job profile.

  • Yes, candidates get paid a handsome stipend of ₹55,000 per month during the training period. It is one of the high-paying stipends in the country.

  • Here is the list of the allowances provided to BARC OCES officers:-

    • Leave Travel concession by air
    • House Rent
    • Children Education
    • Transport Allowance
  • Yes, the Scientific Officers of BARC OCES is given incentive according to their field performance. BARC's unique initiative to promote good work in the organization.