CSIR NET Life Science Mind Map: ADAPTIVE IMMUNITY, Download PDF!

By Renuka Miglani|Updated : May 12th, 2023

Aspirants preparing for the CSIR NET examination have to go through a lot of phases where it seems difficult to memorise and understand the concepts very well. While preparing for the CSIR NET Life Science 2022 Exam, the candidates might face problems in memorizing the function of a particular part of the cell. Mind maps are the answer to all your problems regarding memorising the concepts and information on a certain topic.

We at BYJU'S EXAM PREP have come up with the idea of providing the mind maps for all the units in the Life Science subject to make your preparation easy. These mind maps are developed by our subject experts considering the most important topics that the candidates need to prepare for the CSIR NET 2022 Exam. In this article, we have provided a detailed mind map for the topic of Adaptive Immunity which comes under Cell Communication and Cell Signaling in Life Science. 

Mind Map for Adaptive Immunity 

Have you ever wondered how your recovery time for the common cold, the flu, or small infections seems to get shorter after you’ve been exposed and successfully recovered the first time? The adaptive immune system, also called acquired immunity, uses specific antigens to strategically mount an immune response. Unlike the innate immune system, which attacks only based on the identification of general threats, the adaptive immunity is activated by exposure to pathogens, and uses an immunological memory to learn about the threat and enhance the immune response accordingly. The adaptive immune response is much slower to respond to threats and infections than the innate immune response, which is primed and ready to fight at all times.

Adaptive Immunity Mind Map

Aspirants can check below the information regarding the topic and sub-topics included in the mindmap.

TopicSub-TopicMind Map
  • Activation of Cytotoxic Cells
  • Processing of Foreign Antigen by APCs
  • Presentation of Foreign Antigen To CTL
  • Cell-Mediated Immunity
  • Humorol Immunity
Download Mind Map Here

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