Consider the Following Facts About a Country and Decide if You would Call it a Democracy. Give Reasons to Support your Decision

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 8th, 2022

In a democracy, the people of the nation have the authority over the legislation of the country. They also have the power to elect their own leaders. Consider the following facts about a country and decide if you would call it a democracy. Give reasons to support your decision.

a) All the citizens of the country have the right to vote. Elections are held regularly.

Yes, this country is a democracy because, in a democratic country, every citizen has the right to one vote as per the principle of the Universal Adult Franchise. No citizen can be denied the right to vote without a valid reason. No matter what the economic background of the citizen or what their gender, religion, or caste may be, each citizen living in a democracy can vote.

b) The country took loans from international agencies. One of the conditions for giving loans was that the government would reduce its expenses on education and health.

No, this cannot be a democratic country because, in a democracy, the actions of the government are determined by the demands and needs of the people. No international agency or institution can dictate a democratic government on its actions. Since the governments are accountable to the people in a democracy, one of the government's primary duties is to invest in the education and health sectors.

c) People speak more than seven languages, but education is available only in one language, the language spoken by 52 percent of people in that country.

No, the country is not democratic because, in a democracy, there is equal respect and emphasis given to people of different cultures and languages. No single language or culture can be imposed on others.


d) Several organizations have given a call for peaceful demonstrations and nationwide strikes in the country to oppose these policies. The government has arrested these leaders.

In this case, the action of the peaceful protestors is democratic, but the actions of the Government are not democratic. In a democracy, citizens have the right to assemble and protest against the government in a peaceful manner. If the government tackles peaceful protestors harshly and arrests them, it is violating the norms of democracy.

e) The government owns the radio and television in the country. All the newspapers have to get permission from the government to publish any news about the government's policies and protests

No, this is not a democracy because, in a democratic country, the press and media are free. Freedom of speech and expression is prevalent in a democracy, and the media exercise this right. If the government censors the press and media, it is no longer a democratic government.

Consider the following facts about a country and decide if you would call it a democracy

A country can be called a democracy when it has a judicial framework that puts the demands of the citizens first. In a democracy, freedom of speech and expression is practiced. Due respect is given to all citizens, no matter what their gender, religion, or caste may be. The principle of Universal Adult Franchise is also practiced in a democracy, under which all citizens can vote.

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  • Yes, a country where the practice of Universal Adult Franchise is practiced can be called a democracy. In a democracy, people of all genders, religions, castes, and economic backgrounds can vote.

  • No, the actions of the government, in this case, are undemocratic. Under a democracy, it is allowed for people to organize and peacefully protest against the government.

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