IES Civil Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

IES Civil Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips

ByAina Parasher  |  Updated on: Sep 5, 2022
Check out all the important IES Civil Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips. Know all the last-minute preparation tips to prepare for the upcoming IES CE exam 2023.

All candidates are suggested that before they start their preparation, they must prepare proper study plans and strategies to clear the ESE IES Civil 2023 Exam. Therefore, we provide all candidates with helpful and practical UPSC IES Civil Engineering 2023 preparation tips to help them crack the IES examination. Candidates should follow the IES Civil Engineering 2023 preparation tips below to succeed in the upcoming exam.

All the candidates suggested they go through the UPSC IES CE preparation tips for getting a good rank in the IES exam. Candidates must prepare a suitable timetable, focus on basic concepts, make notes, etc., to clear the IES exam. Let's check the IES Civil Engineering 2023 preparation tips given below.

IES Civil Engineering Preparation Tips - Overview

The Engineering Service Examination (ESE) Prelims 2023 will be held on 19 February 2023 at various examination centers across India. It is crucial at this critical time to keep your preparation on track. Therefore, aspirants must begin preparing to boost their confidence before the exam.

Here is a thorough revision strategy to help candidates properly at the last minute. Aspirants must complete their preparations as soon as possible to boost their confidence before the exam. These tips also cover subject-wise Important topics which are very important for the IES CE exam.


Important Topics To Be Covered


Flood routing, Hydrograph, Groundwater Hydrology, Analysis of gravity dam


Water requirement of crops, Cross drainage structures

Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics

Laminar and Turbulent flow, Buoyancy and floatation, Fluid kinematics, Fluid dynamics, open channel flow, Pipe flow, Boundary layer theory

Strength of Materials

Stress and strain, Deflection of beams, Transformation of stress, Bending stresses

Building Materials

Concrete, Test on stones

Construction Management

Arches and Cables,

Structural Analysis

Truss Analysis, Influence line diagram, Analysis of beams

RCC and prestressed concrete

Bond, design of beam, Prestressed concrete

Environmental Engineering

Water treatment, Quality of water, Disposal of sewage, Air pollution, Solid waste management

Transportation Engineering

The geometric design of highways, Pavement design, Traffic Engineering, Airport design, Highway materials


Traversing, Compass survey, Levelling

Soil mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil properties, site investigation, Shear strength, slope stability, Soil permeability, Effective stress and seepage analysis, Earth pressure theories, Consolidation of Soil, Shallow foundation

Engineering Mechanics

Equilibrium of forces

IES Civil Engineering 2023 Preparation Tips and Strategy

UPSC will release the notification for the Civil Engineering branch for 2023 on 14 September 2022. The ESE CE 2023 exam will be held on 19 February 2023. So, aspiring candidates will need UPSC IES Civil Engineering 2023 Preparation tips to crack the examination.

Short Notes

  • Short notes are handy for revising every subject with key points in less time.
  • First, try to make a habit of revising the notes and jot down important points to know if you can remember them or not.
  • As ESE prelims paper is divided into two parts – General Studies Engineering Discipline
  • Now we will see the revision tips for both papers separately.

General Studies

  • This portion is very versatile according to its syllabus and questions.
  • Start with the Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics as this portion is very scoring.
  • Subjects like Project management and Basics of Energy and Environment are familiar to civil engineers to score more.
  • Revise current issues daily, as questions may come from static parts.
  • Ethics and valuation are quite unpredictable, so basic concepts need to be revised.

Civil Engineering

  • So, the civil engineering part is of 300 marks, so you have to be very conscious of scoring more to get an edge over the others.
  • Subjects like soil mechanics and environment are the bigger part, and many concepts should go at your fingertips.
  • Subjects like SOM, Structure, RCC, and Steel are related. So, the concepts should practice with links to one another to grasp the new questions.
  • Don’t spend much time on the numerical questions, as it can take a huge time.

Mock Tests

  • Revisions are incomplete without attempting mock tests. It will help you to know the mistakes before exam day as it will not happen in the exam hall.
  • Attempt mock tests on the odd days and revise the mistakes on the even days.
  • Follow the process through each subject to complete your preparation for the whole syllabus.
  • Don’t be emotional with the marks; focus on the accuracy and time taken to complete the paper.
  • When filling up the OMR, give your attention so you don’t lose your hard-earned marks by filling in the wrong gaps.
  • Always keep checking the time and manage it to save time for revising the full paper.

Last Minute IES CE Preparation Tips

Candidates are giving their whole heart and soul effort, which will help you to fly high. Don't compare the mock tests with others. It's just for one's practice and to help them out in the weak areas. Take your time and work on those. These will keep you beforehand in the actual exam.

  • Don't panic too much if you are stuck on a particular question; go through the rest, get some marks on your bag and then come back to those to deal with.
  • Keep yourself motivated all the time.
  • Keep yourself cool; for this book, Meditation or Yoga, Some exercise, etc.
  • Revise each topic and subject; short notes will always help you during revision.

FAQs on IES CE Preparation Tips

  • The IES Civil Engineering 2023 preparation tips are given below.

    • Make Short Notes while studying.
    • Prepare General Studies and Engineering Aptitude thoroughly.
    • Give Mock Tests regularly.
    • Keep yourself motivated all the time.
  • The topics with the highest weightage in the IES CE exam are- Structural Analysis, Design of Steel Structures, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, and Foundation Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.

  • Since many topics are included in the IES Civil Engineering syllabus candidates must observe the complete syllabus and focus on revising everything they have studied.