How to Prepare for NPAT 2022 Exam – NPAT Exam Preparation Tips & Strategy

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

Aspirants aiming to crack the “NMIMS NPAT 2022” exam must have tightened their belts and started their preparation. Before practicing online, it is a must for the candidates to go through all the subjects from the best books available in the market for NPAT exam preparation. “NMIMS NPAT” paper consists of three sections. You must have a good command of all these three subjects in order to crack the entrance exam. 

  1. Quantitative & Numerical Ability
  2. Reasoning & general intelligence
  3. English

Speed and accuracy play an important role to crack this NMIMS NPAT 2022 Exam. Also, you must focus on building a good vocabulary & increasing your reading speed without compromising on accuracy.

NMIMS NPAT Role of Practice:

Practice is a very important part of NPAT exam preparation as this is going to help you in two ways:

  • Building confidence
  • Building speed

So, try to solve the previous year’s papers and also improve your speed in calculations by practicing more and more questions from it.

What are the important Topics under the NPAT Syllabus?

Every aspirant needs to understand the detailed NPAT Syllabus and this will help you to know about the important topics from the exam point of view. 

Quantitative & Numerical Ability 

Reasoning & General Intelligence


Number System

    Critical Thinking

    Error Recognition


    Verbal-logical reasoning

    Applied Grammar


     Data sufficiency


Sets and Functions

     Numerical Reasoning

   Contextual Usage

Elementary Statistics & Probability

     Data Interpretation

   Sequencing of Ideas


     Spatial Reasoning

   Reading Comprehension

Subject-Wise NPAT Preparation Strategy

As above mentioned that there are three major subjects included in the NPAT exam and these subjects are common for both non-engineering and engineering programs.

Let us understand how to prepare for these subjects in order to maximize scores and to ace the upcoming exam.

Preparation Tips for Quantitative & Numerical Ability

Here, in this section, most of the questions are from topics like time & work, profit & loss, time, simple & compound, speed & distance, interest. If you have the ability to do fast calculations then you can score more and also manage to attempt more questions in a very easy way in the exam.

  • You have to go through all the important basic formulas and try to memorize all of them. Also, revise them on regular basis.
  • Try to complete the syllabus before one or two weeks of the exam, so that you will get time for revision.
  • As we all know NPAT is a speed-based entrance exam, you have to focus on speed & accuracy as well. Every aspirant is advised to solve problems quickly with accuracy.
  • Learn more short tricks to solve the question in less time.
  • Solve previous year question Papers to improve speed, time management skills, and also problem-solving skills.
  • Most importantly, try to attempt test series on a weekly basis to test your preparation standard and analyze it.

    Must Attempt Quant Quiz

Preparation Tips for Reasoning & General Intelligence

  • This section tests your critical thinking and analytical.
  • Here, you need to make sure to read the given scenario carefully before proceeding with conclusions.
  • The topic related to the data sufficiency, analyze if the given information is sufficient or not sufficient to solve the problem.
  • Questions related to “Data Interpretation” are an easy level of questions that can be solved by going through the graphs provided.
  • For questions related to numerical reasoning, you have to identify the class and sub-class relationship within a given group of items and try to illustrate it into diagrams for comprehension.
  • Select a figure from the alternatives which match the relationship specified by the given figural pair, while solving spatial reasoning,
  • Always, check for common patterns available in the figures to identify the missing figures.

    Must Attempt Logical Reasoning Quiz

Preparation Tips for Proficiency in English

  • To score well in this section, you need to ensure that you have gone through the basic concepts of grammar, tenses, determiners, prepositions, and connectivity. 
  • To score well in the reading comprehension section, read the given passage carefully & understand it well. 
  • Read newspapers, novels, and also take up Daily English Quiz to improve vocabulary skills and your grammar part.
  • Never miss the Mock Tests, take it regularly to analyze your preparation levels and work on them.

    Must Attempt Verbal Ability Quiz


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