GGSIPU BBA Memory Based Questions Answer 2021 – Download PDF of Questions Asked in 29 August 2021

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Updated on: September 11th, 2023

GGSIPU BBA Memory Based Questions Answer 2021. As per the analysis and review shared by the students the level of the exam was easy to moderate. In this article, we are sharing Memory based questions that were asked in the GGSIPU 2021.    


IPU Memory Based Questions Answer 2021: The IPU entrance exam for a 3-year graduation degree in management was held on 29 August 2021. The difficulty level of the exam was Easy-Moderate. Check all the IPU questions asked in the exam along with insights about the kinds of questions asked and difficulty level.

GGSIPU CET BBA Exam Difficulty Level 2021 ( Morning Shift)

check the pattern and difficulty level of the GGSIPU exam:


Difficulty Level

English Language


General Awareness 


Logical and Analytical Ability


Management Aptitude and Communication Skills 




GGSIPU CET BBA Exam Difficulty Level 2021 ( Evening Shift)


Difficulty Level

English Language


General Awareness 


Logical and Analytical Ability


Management Aptitude and Communication Skills 




check the syllabus of GGSIPU 2021

GGSIPU CET BBA Exam Memory Based Questions Asked 29th August 2021 (Both Shifts)

1. Who authored the book Jungle Book?
Ans. Rudyard Kipling

2.  ____________ has authored the book Harry Potter?
J. K Rowling

3. Ghumura dance is a folk dance of the Kalahandi district of which Indian state?

4. Who is currently serving as the Prime Minister of New Zealand?
Ans. Jacinda Ardern

5. A House for Mr. Biswas is a 1961 novel written by?
V. S Naipaul  

6. Who is the current Prime Minister of the Netherlands?
Ans. Mark Rutte

7. Which of the following is the State animal of Sikkim?
Ans. Red Panda

8. The Delhi government has appointed which former Olympic medalist, weightlifter ________ as the first Vice-Chancellor of Delhi Sports University?

Ans. Karnam Malleshwari

9. What does the acronym SEBI Stand for?
Ans. The Securities and Exchange Board of India

10. A coronavirus variant identified in India is being investigated by scientists across the world. What is the name given to the variant?
Ans. Delta Variant, technically known as B.1.617.2

11. Which of the following countries is not a member of the QUAD Group?
Ans. China

12. What is the tenure of a member of the Rajya Sabha?
Ans. 6 years, not subjected to Dissolution.

13. Rickets is the softening and weakening of bones in children, it is caused by the deficiency of which Vitamin?
Ans. Vitamin D

14. What is Grapevine?

Ans. Informal communication

 15. What is the Quality of an effective Manager

Ans: The right qualities of a manager can make all the difference.

16. The state of Uttarakhand was formed in which year?

Ans: 9 November 2000

17. DNA consists of which molecules?

Ans: DNA is a linear molecule composed of four types of smaller chemical molecules called nucleotide bases: adenine (A), cytosine (C), guanine (G), and thymine (T).

18. Who is the author of Train to Pakistan?
Ans: Khushwant Singh

19. Find the odd one out: a) Cat  b) Wet   c) Run    d) Act
Ans: Cat

20. A train travel from Delhi at 5 am and reaches Kanpur at 9 am, similarly a train travels from Kanpur at 7 am and reaches Delhi at 10:30 am. Find the time when both the trains would cross each other
Ans: 7.56 AM

21. Grapevine communication is:
Ans: The informal transmission of information, gossip, or rumor from person to person

22. Quality of Effective Manager is:
Ans: Prowess in Problem Solving.

23. What is information flow in communication?
Ans: Organizational Communication Flows

24. Which one of them, following is least alike in the group?
a) Zinc b) Aluminum c) Copper d) Mercury
Ans: Mercury

25. What is a scientific theory in management?
Ans: The scientific theory of management is considered better suited to businesses based on repetitive tasks, such as a factory.


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