Do’s & Don’ts for the NMIMS NPAT Exam 2022 – Instructions for Remote Proctored Test

By BYJU'S Exam Prep

Updated on: September 11th, 2023

The NPAT 2022 exam will be conducted in remote proctored mode.  As the online proctored method is new for candidates, it is crucial to note the do’s and don’ts for the NMIMS NPAT Online Proctored Test.

Examinee guidelines, as well as the do’s and don’ts of NPAT remote proctored assessment, have been issued by SVKM’s NMIMS University. In addition to the instructions and recommendations, the NMIMS is launching the Infrastructure Readiness Check (IRC) and Dry Run Check (DRC) processes to familiarise applicants with the most recent examination mode—an online proctored test.

Here in this article aspirants will get an idea about the Do’s & Don’t for NMIMS NPAT 2022. 

What is NPAT Remote Proctored Assessment?

The remote proctored assessment, often known as an online proctored test, is a computer-based exam that does not require an invigilator to be present at the testing venue. Candidates can take the online proctored test from any place, eliminating the need to travel to a testing center.NMIMS will administer the NPAT exam 2022 in-home online proctored mode.

All of the candidate’s activities are thoroughly observed utilizing the webcam and microphone in the online proctored mode of the exam. During the exam, the invigilator or AI will keep an eye on all of the test participants. Switching between tabs on a web browser is considered unequal. If the proctor suspects any unfair activities during the NMIMS NPAT 2022 exam, the candidate will be disqualified immediately.

Do’s for the NMIMS NPAT 2022 Online Proctored Test

The following instructions and guidelines must be followed before the exam.  Below mentioned is the list of Do’s that candidates should follow for NPAT 2022. 

NPAT Exam Instructions Before the Exam

  1. Check system configuration to be minimum
    • Windows 7, 10, and Ubuntu LINUX (14.1 and 16) version
    • Processor: Intel Core i3 and above
    • Internet connectivity: Minimum- 500kbps (Recommended 5mbps)
  2. Check proper working of 
    • Webcam
    • Internet Connection
    • Power Supply
  3. Be ready with NPAT Login ID and Password 
  4. Do read the candidate instructions shared
  5. Disable antivirus on the computer that will be used to take the test.
  6. Allow for webcam permission in your browser settings (see comprehensive Examinee Guidelines).
  7. Turn off any app alerts and background processes on your system that will be used for testing.
  8. Download and save the launcher on your computer at least 2 hours before your exam.
  9. Before running the Launcher, make sure all other applications, folders, and files are closed.
  10. Maintain the same level of decorum as you would if you were taking an exam at a testing center.
  11. In the event of a problem, submit a HelpDesk ticket through the exam login’s specific HelpDesk Portal Tab.

NPAT Exam Instructions During the Exam

  1. Candidates need to Accept the terms and conditions before beginning the test.
  2. Do Keep track of the exam timer
  3. If candidates receive any onscreen messages, respond immediately as per the message.
  4. Aspirants should focus on the activity to be performed on the screen in order to solve the question being displayed.
  5. Do a manual submission of responses to questions by pressing the ‘Submit’ button once you have completed your paper

NPAT Exam Instructions After the Exam

  1. Click on the submit button after reviewing the summary of your responses.  
  2. Do “Esc+Right Shift” to Exit the Launcher  
  3. Do Restart your computer to reverse all temporary system changes made for the exam. 

Dont’s for the NMIMS NPAT 2022 Online Proctored Test

Below mentioned is the list of Don’ts that candidates should avoid for NPAT 2022.

Before the Exam

  • Candidates are not allowed to use mobile phones for the examination. If found, then the candidate will be disqualified.
  • Do not allow anyone else in the room during the exam. 
  • Candidates should not move away from their computer and Webcam range so that they are not visible to the proctor.

Check the list of NPAT BBA Participating Colleges

During the Exam

  • Students should not cover the webcam at any point from the start of the examination till their examination is submitted.
  • Do Not talk to anybody during the exam.
  • Do not allow anyone present in that room with you during the exam.
  • Do not use your mobile phone or any other communication.
  • Do Not share your screen with anyone.
  • Do Not try to use any other application on the system during the exam. 
  • Do not Hit ‘X’ on the top right corner to close the Launcher window
  • Do not move around your seated position.

After the Exam

  • Candidates should Not try to retake the assessment.
  • Do not try to reach out to the helpdesk to know the score and result.

With just a few days left for the big day, the level of anxiety amongst fresh candidates could be seen at peak levels. Among the anxiety of the NPAT exam, it is very important not to lose your cool and stay as calm as you can.



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