IBPS RRB Study Plan 2022 - For Prelims And Mains

IBPS RRB Study Plan 2022 - For Prelims And Mains

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Sep 9, 2022
IBPS RRB study plan 2022- Get the complete study plan structured by the experts to be able to strategize your preparation effectively. Check out 40 days IBPS RRB study plan and get driven towards success.

The IBPS RRB study plan 2022 has been facilitated by experts to assist the candidates in getting driven towards success. The subject-wise and topic-wise study plan will aid the applicants in crafting an effective and efficient strategy that will take them towards accomplishing their dreams and landing their job profile. The IBPS RRB PO and Clerk study plan will furnish an enlightened schedule to the candidates taking the exam. 

The IBPS RRB study plan 2022 has been framed by the experts keeping into consideration the essential segments, and the sections of the syllabus carrying maximum weightage. You can take a look vivid ideation of the IBPS RRB study plan and the complete knowledge to be able to proceed to the next step of the selection process with ease. 

With the blend of an apt and accurate IBPS RRB study plan, you will be able to lead effective preparation and move ahead in the selection process. Try to retain and imbibe all the essential and pivotal concepts to be able to bring forth the best foot and prepare with the most efficiency. You can opt for the IBPS RRB study plan with an effective approach.

IBPS RRB Prelims Study Plan 2022

We have presented the IBPS RRB study plan 2022 for the candidates to assist them in enhancing their preparation module. This is the prime time for preparation as the exam is around the corner. For exceptional and remarkable performance in the IBPS RRB exam, you must have an apt and appropriate study plan. You can move ahead on the way to success by achieving the desired result. It is of prime importance for the candidates to complete the IBPS RRB syllabus well in advance. 

The IBPS RRB prelims study plan to guide you throughout your preparation journey. You can click on the links to download the notes of the concerned subjects. Get accelerated on the path of accomplishing the desired result and get ahead with determination. Also, do not miss out to practice IBPS RRB previous year papers to analyze the questions prevalent in the exam and get complete knowledge of the same. 

There are around 12,500+ vacancies in the IBPS RRB 2022 for the post of Office Assistant & Officer Scale 1, II, & III. It is a golden opportunity for candidates who are looking to grab a job in the RRBs. 

At the request of our students, we are introducing the 40 days IBPS RRB study plan 2022 for Prelims exam preparation. So, we have come up with our new initiative i.e, A complete practice plan that includes IBPS RRB study material, daily quizzes, and mini mock tests. 

As you all know that there is around 1 month left for your preparation. Are you ready to utilize this time with rigorous practice? We have summed up all the major topics with expected questions in the mini-mocks provided in this preliminary study plan. 

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IBPS RRB Study Plan for PO And Clerk

The best study plan for IBPS RRB Officer Scale 1 and Office Assistant exam is updated on a daily basis which covers the updated study notes of Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability and Reasoning Ability.

In this study plan, we will cover each & every section of the IBPS RRB syllabus. It will include the name of the subjects, the study notes of the topics you need to prepare, the sectional test, and the SPEED test including the questions of both the subjects will be icing on the cake for you. Study notes and mini-mocks will be updated on a daily basis. Follow this IBPS RRB exam study plan 2022 until the penultimate day before your final exam.

⇒ IBPS RRB Clerk Result has been released on the official portal. IBPS RRB Clerk Result 2022- Check this link for more details.

IBPS RRB Study Plan For 40 Days

A well-illustrated and crafted IBPS RRB study plan will assist the candidates in getting detailed knowledge of the elaborate preparation module. The study plan for the Office Assistant and the Officer Scale 1 post. Refer to the day-wise and topic-wise study plan, this will assist the candidates in getting ahead in the selection process.

Day-DateReasoningQuantMock Test 2022
1st July 2022SyllogismSquares 
2nd July 2022 Blood relationTime & work 
3nd July 2022Revise SyllogismRevise squares 
4th July 2022 (Day-1)TabulationPartnership 
5th July 2022Revise Blood relationRevise Time & work 
6th July 2022Direct & Coded InequalitySimplification 
7th July 2022Revise TabulationNumber Series 
8th July 2022Alphanumeric Series Study NotesRevise Simplification 
9th July 2022Direction SensePie Chart Data Interpretation 
10th July 2022Revise Alphanumeric Series Study NotesNumber Series 
11th July 2022 Seating ArrangementProfit and LossIBPS RRB Clerk Test (1)
12th July 2022Revise Direction SenseRevise Pie Chart Data InterpretationIBPS RRB PO Test (2)
13th July 2022Revise Seating ArrangementRevise Number Series 
14th July 2022Questions based on Ranks of letters Approximation 
15th July 2022Direction SenseMixed Data InterpretationIBPS RRB Clerk Test (3)
16th July 2022Input-Output Revise ApproximationIBPS RRB PO Test (4)
17th July 2022Revise Questions based on Ranks of lettersRevise Mixed Data Interpretation 
18th July 2022Revise Direction Sense & Input-OutputCompound Interest  
19th July 2022Ranks of AlphabetsPartnershipsIBPS RRB Clerk Test (5)
20th July 2022Basics of Puzzles Revise Compound InterestIBPS RRB PO Test (16)
21st July 2022Revise Basics of PuzzlesPipes & Cisterns 
22nd July 2022Revise Ranks of AlphabetsRevise PartnershipsIBPS RRB Clerk Test (7)
23rd July 2022Circular ArrangementRevise Pipes & CisternsIBPS RRB PO Test (8)
24th July 2022Direction SenseProfit, Loss & Discount 
25th July 2022Revise Circular ArrangementRatio & ProportionIBPS RRB Clerk Test (9)
26th July 2022Revise Direction SenseRevise Profit, Loss & DiscountIBPS RRB PO Test (9)
27th July 2022Ranks of AlphabetsQuadratic Equations 
28th July 2022Basics of PuzzlesSimple InterestIBPS RRB Clerk Test (10)
29th July 2022Blood RelationsCompound InterestIBPS RRB PO Test (11)
30th July 2022Basics of InequalityProfit, Loss & Discount 
31st July 2022Revise SyllabusRevise Syllabus 
1st August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise SyllabusIBPS RRB PO Test (12)
2nd August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise SyllabusIBPS RRB PO Test (13)
3rd August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise Syllabus 
4th August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise Syllabus 
5th August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise SyllabusIBPS RRB PO Test (14)
6th August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise SyllabusIBPS RRB PO Test (15)
7th August 2022Revise SyllabusRevise SyllabusIBPS RRB PO Test (16)

Note: This study plan will be updated on a daily basis. So practice accordingly for a progressive result and we know you will do it.

Why it is Important to Follow IBPS RRB Study Plan?

Time table helps in eliminating the chances of skipping any important topic or chapter. A well-organized and effective study plan must be followed with extreme determination to achieve your goal. Focussing on a preparation plan will help you to get desired fruitful results. The IBPS RRB Preparation Tips will assist the candidates in getting the desired and exceptional results.  IBPS RRB exam study plan should be solely based on an analytical approach as mentioned here:

  • Analyze and find how many hours you have on a regular basis in a single day?
  • What should be covered in the starting and what to skip for later?
  • How to prepare must-do topics or expected topics and procure the course material?
  • How to keep yourself motivated for the exam?
  • How to create an effective environment conducive to an ideal study to gain desirable results? For example, students can switch off their mobile phones during study hours for a designated period of time.

What is the right approach to clear IBPS RRB 2022?

Clearing IBPS RRB is not an easy task as there is a time limit. You will be competing with thousands of excellent aspirants. Prelims is the gate pass for your main examination. This will be a deciding factor for the next phase in IBPS RRB PO and the final phase in IBPS RRB Clerk. One has to clear the IBPS RRB prelims cut off to get a chance to appear in the IBPS RRB mains examination. Check some important tips below. The accurate and apt IBPS RRB study plan 2022 will assist the candidates in framing an accurate and apt strategy for the exam.

  1. There is no sectional timing you can devote time according to your convenience.
  2. There will be an overall/composite time of 45 minutes in the IBPS RRB Prelims 2022 exam.
  3. Negative marking of 1/4th marks will be there in the prelims and mains exam as well.
  4. There will be only two subjects in the prelims exams.
  5. Candidates will have to qualify for overall cut off to be eligible for the mains examination.
  6. Order of the section will be predecided by IBPS.
  7. There will be a sectional cut off.

Practice daily quizzes to analyze your speed and accuracy. And do not avoid the full-length test as it is very important from the IBPS RRB 2021 exam's perspective.  Attempt Important Quizzes of both the subjects:


  • Be assured because every single topic which is significant for the IBPS RRB prelims exam is being covered in this study plan of 2 months.
  • All the important topics have been covered in the study plan. Practice all the topics and work on your weak and strong areas accordingly
  • Although we will try to cover all the essential topics, we request you not to simply stop self-study or learning new things. Your extra efforts will help you increase your level of preparation
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IBPS RRB Officer Study Plan FAQs

  • A well-drafted and enlightened IBPS RRB study plan can assist candidates in getting ahead in the selection process. You will be able to strategize and schedule your preparation effectively, to be able to ace the upcoming exam. You can structure your study plan according to your strengths and weaknesses. Do not miss out to cater to your weaknesses and the essential segments of the syllabus while framing an apt IBPS RRB study plan.

  • Yes, you can structure the IBPS Clerk study plan 2022 keeping into consideration your weaknesses and strengths. The difficulty level of the subjects and the time that you need to dedicate depends on numerous factors. Always prioritize the essential segments of the syllabus and the important topics in your study plan to be able to get through the selection process.

  • You must establish your foundations and fundamentals to achieve excellence in the exam. The candidates can structure an effective and efficient IBPS Clerk study plan 2022 to ace the exam with ease. You must keep in consideration your strengths and weaknesses. Also, prioritize the essential segments and sections of the syllabus.

  • The blend of an apt strategy and preparation will assist the candidates in moving further in the selection process. You need to put in the effort to hone your strengths and cater to your weaknesses. You can clear the IBPS RRB exam by effectively and efficiently preparing for the exam. Do not miss out to revise the essential topics and segments of the syllabus.

  • You can schedule your preparations effectively and efficiently to be able to get through the selection process. You can prioritize completing the essential segments of the syllabus first. You can pick the topics from where the questions are prevalent. Take in consideration your weaknesses and strengths while structuring IBPS RRB study plan 2022.

  • The candidates can improve upon their speed and accuracy by framing an apt IBPS RRB study plan and prioritizing their preparations for the exam. The more you practice the better you will be at accomplishing the desired results. To become proficient and attain accuracy you need to stick to your IBPS RRB study plan.

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