CAIIB Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern, Download CAIIB Syllabus PDF

CAIIB Syllabus 2023 & Exam Pattern, Download CAIIB Syllabus PDF

ByAkash Mishra  |  Updated on: Apr 21, 2023
The Revised CAIIB syllabus 2023 for Papers 1, 2 & 3 is released by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF). Download the subject-wise syllabus PDF and CAIIB exam pattern.

CAIIB Syllabus 2023 was released by IIBF, along with the official notification of the exam. The CAIIB exam is conducted twice in a year. A thorough understanding of the IIBF CAIIB syllabus is an extremely crucial milestone in clearing the exams.

The CAIIB Syllabus carries various important topics like Cooperative Banking, Retail Banking, Banking Financial Management, and a lot more which we will discuss in detail in the coming sections. The syllabus helps the aspirants know what the exam is about and start their preparations by going in the right direction. Here, we will discuss the CAIIB Syllabus 2023 and exam pattern for Papers 1, 2 & 3.

CAIIB Syllabus 2023

The CAIIB exam is conducted by the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance (IIBF). It is a three-step recruitment process; an online mode exam followed by two compulsory papers and one elective paper. Candidates are advised to prepare for the latest exam pattern and CAIIB syllabus 2023.

The candidates will be selected on the basis of their performance in the online exam after being found medically fit and fulfilling the required eligibility criteria. Candidates are advised to make their routine so that they can complete the CAIIB syllabus thoroughly as they have to appear for the exam forthcoming exam.

CAIIB Syllabus PDF

Downloading the CAIIB syllabus PDF will help candidates systematically plan their preparation, as they will be able to analyze which topics need more attention than others. The direct link for the revised CAIIB syllabus 2023 is provided below.

Download Revised CAIIB Syllabus 2023 PDF

The CAIIB syllabus pdf will help the candidates in understanding the course of the exam and strategise their preparation accordingly. Candidates can allot preparation time to the different sections of the syllabus according to their own capabilities.

CAIIB Syllabus 2023 For Compulsory Papers

There are four compulsory papers for the CAIIB Exam that has to be attempted by each of the candidates. The CAIIB syllabus 2023 for compulsory papers is mentioned below.


CAIIB Syllabus 2023

Advanced Bank Management

Module A – Statistics

Module B – Human Resource Management

Module C – Credit Management

Module D – Compliance in Banks & Corporate Governance

Banking Financial Management

Module A – International Banking

Module B – Risk Management

Module C – Treasury Management

Module D – Balance Sheet Management

Advanced Business & Financial Management

Module A – The Management Process

Module B – Advanced Concepts of Financial Management

Module C – Valuation, Mergers & Acquisitions

Module D – Emerging Business Solutions

Banking Regulations and Business Laws

Module A – Regulations and Compliance

Module B – Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part A

Module C – Important Acts/Laws & Legal Aspects of Banking Operations – Part B

Module D – Commercial & other Laws with reference to Banking Operations

CAIIB Syllabus 2023 For Elective Papers

There are five elective papers in the CAIIB exam, out of which you have to select any one of them. The topic-wise CAIIB syllabus for Elective papers is mentioned below.

CAIIB Elective Papers

Revised CAIIB Syllabus 2023

Central Banking

Module A – Rationale and Functions of Central Bank

Module B – Central Banking in India

Module C – Monetary Policy and Credit Policy

Module D – Supervision and Financial Stability

Module E – Non-Banking Financial Companies and Primary Dealers

Rural Banking

Module A – Rural India

Module B – Financing Rural Development

Module C – Priority Sector Financing and Government Initiatives

Module D – Problems and Prospectus in Rural Banking

Human Resource Management

Module A – Human Resource Management

Module B – Building an HR Strategy

Module C – Motivation, Training and Skill Development

Module D – Personnel Management and Industrial Relations

Module E – Emerging Scenario in HRM

Information Technology & Digital Banking

Module A – Introduction to Information Technology

Module B – Systems and Design

Module C – Applications in Banking

Module D – Information System Security, Controls and Audit

Risk Management

Module A – An Overview

Module B – Credit Risk Management

Module C – Operational Risk Management

Module D – Market Risk

Module E – Appendix

CAIIB Exam Pattern 2023

The CAIIB question paper will have questions based on case studies along with 100 objective type multiple choice questions worth 100 marks in 120 minutes. Here, we have outlined the CAIIB Exam Pattern 2023, which the aspirants can use to guide their preparation.

  • The exam is given in an online format.
  • The CAIIB exam consists of three papers: two compulsory tests for all candidates, Advanced Bank Management and Bank Financial Management, and one elective examination of their choice.
  • There will be 100 multiple-choice questions for 100 marks in each of the three papers.
  • Each paper has a 2-hour or 120-minute time duration for completion.
  • The exam will be bilingual, consisting of both English and Hindi.

CAIIB Exam Pattern 2023


Number of Questions

Maximum Marks


Advanced Bank Management



2 Hours

Bank Financial Management



2 Hours

Advanced Business & Financial Management 



2 Hours

Banking Regulations and Business Laws 



2 Hours

Elective Paper



2 Hours

CAIIB Marking Scheme

According to the CAIIB exam pattern 2023, there is a negative marking of 25% of the marks allotted to the question concerned. The CAIIB marking scheme is as follows.

  • Candidates will receive one mark for each response that is accurate.
  • Candidates must receive at least 50 out of a possible 100 marks in each paper.
  • The examination will also be determined successfully completed by those who receive at least 45 in each topic and a cumulative 50% in all subjects in a single try.
  • The marks for the subject that applicants successfully complete in an attempt may be kept up until the deadline for passing the CAIIB exam.

CAIIB Syllabus 2023 - Preparation Tips

Candidates should be well versed with the CAIIB syllabus 2023. The second thing that is equally important is how to strategise your preparation. Here we have placed together a few preparation tips given by experts to smoothen the CAIIB syllabus preparation.

  • Be well acquainted with the CAIIB syllabus and exam pattern to avoid confusion and last-minute chaos.
  • Focus on the topics you are confident in first and then work on your weaknesses.
  • Mock tests are always a great opportunity to calculate where you stand in the competition. Don’t wait for the last week to start your mock tests. Keep attempting them along with your preparation.
  • Make a realistic study plan and segregate your topics on the basis of difficulty level.
  • Lastly, revision is the most effective step in your preparation. Make sure you keep revising your topics on a regular basis.

FAQs on CAIIB Syllabus 2023

  • CAIIB Syllabus 2023 consists of 5 papers in the exam - 4 compulsory papers and 1 elective paper. The compulsory papers involve carrying Objective type questions, and in the elective paper, there will be 5 subjects from which candidates can choose one.

  • Yes, with consistency and hard work, 6 months is a lot of time to prepare for the CAIIB syllabus 2023. Create an effective and realistic study plan for all the topics and study regularly for 8-10 hours to qualify for the IIBF CAIIB exam with good marks.

  • CAIIB syllabus for paper 1 (Advanced Bank Management) consists of the following modules-

    • Module A: Statistics
    • Module B: Human Resource Management
    • Module C: Credit Management
    • Module D: Compliance in Banks & Corporate Governance
  • To download CAIIB Syllabus 2023 PDF, candidates can visit the link provided by BYJU'S Exam Prep. Applicants can download and keep it for reference while preparing to avoid any confusion regarding the upcoming exam.

  • CAIIB syllabus 2023 for paper 2 (Banking Financial Management) consists of the following modules-

    • Module A – International Banking
    • Module B – Risk Management
    • Module C – Treasury Management
    • Module D – Balance Sheet Management
  • Yes, there be negative marking in the CAIIB exam 2023. There will be negative markings from the year 2023 and onwards. Negative marking @25% of the marks allotted to the question concerned.

  • According to the CAIIB exam pattern 2023, the minimum mark for passing each subject will be 50 out of 100. Candidates securing at least 45 marks in each subject with an aggregate of 50% marks in all subjects of the examination in a single attempt will also be declared as having completed the examination.

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