ICMR JRF 2022: Check Different Exam Centres!!

By Neetesh Tiwari|Updated : May 27th, 2022

ICMR JRF 2022 Examination Centres: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) will soon release the ICMR JRF 2022 Application notification to select the eligible candidates for the Junior Research Fellowship Program. This exam is conducted by the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research (PGIMER) and ICMR together. Interested candidates can check the eligibility criteria and fill out the application form on the official website

Sometimes, while filling out the application form, candidates select the wrong test centre due to confusion. Therefore, students need to check the exam centres available in your city or not and fill out the form accordingly. In this article, we will provide the complete list of Test Centres according to the ICMR. Read the full article to know more about the benefits of selecting Test Centres in your hometown and what should we need to follow if the Test Centre is in another city.


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What is the ICMR-JRF Examination?

The ICMR is conducting a nationwide examination for eligible applicants to award junior research scholarships. This award will be awarded solely based on merit. The award will be given to successful applicants. It will depend on the placements they find in a medical institution/hospital/university/national laboratory/institution of higher education and research, if applicable. In addition, candidates selected through the JRF ICMR exam will receive scholarships from the ICMR to complete their PhD.

Candidates selected for the ICMR JRF program can enrol in the doctoral program of any UGC/MCI recognized university. However, the JRF program will have no connection to the doctoral program. The scholarship awarded to candidates is valid for 6 months.

Know the Detailed ICMR JRF Syllabus and Download the PDF Here!

ICMR-JRF Tests Centres

The table below contains the list of the cities that are commonly chosen by the ICMR in form of centres. 

Test Centres NameCentre Code
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)01
Chandigarh (Tricity)05
Rajkot (Gujarat)18
Srinagar (J&K)19


  • While РGIMER/IСMR shаll mаke аll роssible effоrts tо аllосаte саndidаtes in the сities сhоsen by them, hоwever due tо teсhniсаl, lоgistiс аnd оther unfоreseen reаsоns inсluding nоn-аvаilаbility оf suffiсient number оf nоdes аt Exаminаtiоn Сentres оr exсess number оf Саndidаtes in thаt сenter оr nаturаl саlаmities etс. sоme Сentres mаy be саnсelled. Under suсh сirсumstаnсes, РGIMER/IСMR shаll re-аllосаte these саndidаtes tо аlternаte Сentres in neаrby сities. Suсh deсisiоns shаll be binding оn аll саndidаtes.

Соvid-19 Relаted Instruсtiоns:
(i) It will be mаndаtоry fоr the саndidаtes tо weаr fасe mаsk аll the time соvering nоse аnd mоuth.
(ii) Саndidаtes must саrry 50 ml trаnsраrent bоttle оf hаnd sаnitizers аlоng with them.
(iii) Striсt sосiаl distаnсing must be mаintаined.

Оther Imроrtаnt Instruсtiоns:
(i) Nо eleсtrоniс/metаl item аnd оrnаments inside the exаm сentre will be аllоwed.
(ii) Shоes/fооtweаr with thiсk sоles аnd gаrments with lаrge buttоns will nоt be рermitted.
(iii) Fоr detаils рleаse see аnd fоllоw instruсtiоns given in the аdmit саrd.

Check the Best ICMR-JRF Books to ensure that you have completed all the topics in a comprehensive manner. 

Benefits of Choosing Test Centre in your Hometown:

There are several benefits of choosing a test centre in home town. Check all the benefits mentioned below:

  • The first and the best benefit of selecting a test centre in your hometown is that you do not need to travel unnecessarily anywhere in another city.
  • You can save the time used for travelling and use it for last-minute revision.
  • If you miss any important documents to carry, you can easily come to your home and take them before the start of the examination.
  • You can save time in searching the exam centre in another city. Some test centres are too remote that students may reach there at the prescribed time.
  • Help students in struggling on the last day of the examination.
  • It becomes convenient and more affordable for the candidates compared to the test centres in a different city.
  • Nearby exam centres will help to check the exam centre one day in advance.

Check the ICMR-JRF Exam Pattern

Precautions Need to be Taken if Test Centres is in Another City

You need to keep in mind several points if you get an exam centre in another city. All the points are mentioned below:

  • Candidates must try to reach the city where the test centre is located at least 1 day before the examination.
  • After reaching the destination, try to visit the test centre at least once.
  • Check all the required documents you are carrying with you before leaving for the Test Centre city.
  • If you stay far from the test centre, try to visit the test centre one day before the exam and check all the modes of commuting. Else, you may face difficulties on the exam day.
  • Take a night of proper sleep and try to reach the exam centre 1 hour before the time. This buffer time will help you in a difficult situation if it occurs.
  • Follow all important instructions (mentioned above) as per the ICMR guidelines.

Candidates can also register online for the ICMR JRF test series and practice regularly. 

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  • There are usually upto 21 centres that have been allotted in different cities/states for the ICMR JRF Examination.

  • No, you can not select 2 test centres for the same examination.

  • No, you will not be allowed to change your exam centre after the completion of the application process.

  • You have to reach the Test centre before the mentioned time on your admit card. You will not be allowed once the time surpasses.

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