What was the Main Cause of Sepoy Mutiny?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : November 10th, 2022

The Cause of the Sepoy Mutiny was the usage of newly introduced gun cartridges greased with grease allegedly made of cow/pig fat. The Indian soldiers opposed the usage of newly introduced gun cartridges and started a rebellion against British officers. Because the soldiers had to eat the cartridge before firing, it irritated Hindus and Muslims. As a result, they began to revolt against the inclusion of new rifle cartridges.

Main Cause of Sepoy Mutiny

The Sepoy Mutiny or the Indian Rebellion of 1857 was started by the Indian troops in the service of the English East India Company. The mutiny or uprising occurred when the Indian troops refused to use the newly introduced rifle cartridges because they were greased by grease allegedly made of cow and pig fat. 

The Indian uprising was fueled by resentments stemming from a variety of perspectives, including invasive British-style social changes, heavy land taxes, summary treatment of some wealthy landowners and princes, and scepticism about the benefits of British rule.

  • This wounded both Hindus' and Muslims' religious feelings.
  • The revolting sepoys were cruelly beaten and imprisoned, but their enraged comrades killed the British commanders and marched on to Delhi, launching the 1857 insurrection.

Effects of the Sepoy Mutiny

Many Indians rebelled against the British yet many also fought for the British, and the majority appeared to be submissive to British rule.

  • The rebels inflicted violence on both sides, on British officers and civilians, including women and children, and on the rebels and their sympathisers, including occasionally entire villages.
  • In British response, the cities of Delhi and Lucknow were destroyed in the battle and British vengeance.

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FAQs on Cause of Sepoy Mutiny

  • The Sepoy Mutiny was caused by the Indian troops in order to protest the use of the newly included rifle cartridges. These cartridges were supposed to be lubricated with grease which was understood to be made of cow or pig fat.

  • The Sepoy Mutiny, often known as the First War of Independence or the Indian Rebellion of 1857, was started by Indian troops to protest the new rifle cartridges that required grease made of calf or pig fat.

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