What is the Significance of India’s Central Location?

By Shivank Goel|Updated : September 5th, 2022

The significance of India's central location is that being Asia's southernmost extension, India has valuable trans-Indian Ocean routes that act as a central point between eastern and western Asia and western European and African countries. Find out more about what makes India a strategic central point of contact in Asia:

  • India is the point through which you can access Eastern Asian and Western Asian locations.
  • The trans-Indian Ocean routes connect India and East Asia with Western European countries and the Middle East.
  • the Indian Ocean routes also connect East Asia with West African countries.

Significance of India's Central Location

The trans-Indian Ocean routes are the reason for the significance of India's central location. The Indian Ocean routes connect the countries of Europe in the west and east Asia. It also provides contact with west Asia, Africa, and Europe from the west coast and East Asia and Southern Asia from the east coast. Due to its significant location, India is a place for global trade. Moreover, it is also the most happening marketplace to trade goods at

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  • The importance of India as a central location is its trans-Indian Ocean routes. These routes connect the countries of Western Europe and Africa to Eastern Asia. India is a place for global trade due to its significant location.

  • India is considered to be a strategic central location in Asia. Although geographically, India is located in the Southwestern part of Asia, its trans-Indian Ocean routes connect the Western European and Asian countries with Eastern Asian locations.

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