What is the Election? Why Do We Need Elections?

By Esha Dhawan|Updated : September 7th, 2022

Here’s a fact. India is the biggest democracy in the world. A democracy denotes that the people of the country have the right to vote for their representatives and ultimately shape the government. This is made possible by the election process. Elections are a process where citizens cast votes to elect members to various government positions. Simply put, elections are the foundation of democracy. Let’s dig deeper to understand why do we need elections.


Elections are a powerful tool of democracy that allows citizens to choose their representatives and shape the government

There are over 100 countries in the world where elections are conducted at regular intervals to select members of the government by the adult citizens of the nations. Now, let’s understand why do we need elections.

Why Do We Need Elections?

Elections are important for the following reasons:

  • Elections encourage citizens to elect their representatives, who later pass laws on their behalf. Hence, they allow people to choose who will shape the government and make important decisions.
  • Elections encourage citizens to engage in their country’s affairs by remaining politically active and alert.
  • Elections allow people to choose the political party whose policies will guide the government's law-making.
  • Elections provide a peaceful transition of power from one form of government to the next.
  • People can play a part in choosing the next government if they are dissatisfied with the current government and its policies.
  • Elections guarantee that no government is elected for an indefinite period and ends up becoming tyrannical.
  • It makes political workers act for the people’s well-being.


What is the Election? Why Do We Need Elections?

Elections are the foundation of a democracy that gives citizens the right to vote and shape the government. Due to elections, citizens can participate in the country's politics and ensure that no government stays for an indefinite time to become tyrannical. 

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