What is meant by an Independent Judiciary?

By Devyani Singh|Updated : July 7th, 2022

An Independent Judiciary functions without interference from any outside entities. The passage followed by the Judicial power in our country is unhindered by elements that are outside of the court. Media, litigants, the State, or other big entities are not considered within the judicial proceedings.

This independent functioning of the judiciary does not, however, translate into an absence of accountability or general arbitrariness. Judiciary is an irreplaceable cog in the political machinery of democracy. Therefore, it is only accountable to the Constitution and its thorough follow-up. 

What is an Independent Judiciary?

A democracy functions only when its Judiciary is independent and is not influenced by external factors of any and all sorts. When we say that the Indian Judiciary is independent, it means that;

  • The executive and the legislature (the other parts of the government) should never stifle the functioning and work of the judiciary that puts an obstacle in the way of justice. 
  • These other parts of the government should never intrude in the decision-making process of the judiciary. 
  • The judges should not be clouded by fear, doubt, or favor when they are performing their function. 

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FAQs about What is meant by an Independent Judiciary?

  • Independence of the judiciary means that it can uphold the power and the rule of law, without any interference, favour or fear of an external influence. The judiciary can maintain a just and controlling eye that shall gauge the actions of the State. The independence of the judiciary is one of the most important parts of the basic fabric of our Constitution.

  • An independent judiciary is important not just for a democratic country, but also, for a free society. It promises the safety of a justice system that shall always hold the rule of law and look after the fulfilment of human rights. 

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