What is Article 113?

By Ritesh|Updated : September 7th, 2022

The Parliamentary Estimates Procedure is covered in Article 113. It stated that the estimated expenditures of the Government of India should be proposed to Parliament for approval in the form of a grant demand. Further, it declared that certain items of payment need not be put to the vote in the Parliament - though they could be discussed in both Houses. The following further clarifies the same.

Article 113 of the Constitution of India (1950)

  • Nothing in this provision shall be interpreted as prohibiting debate of any estimate in either House of Parliament, save for that portion of the estimates that pertain to spending charged to the Consolidated Fund of India that is not subject to a parliamentary vote.
  • The House of the people will be presented with requests for funding for that portion of the estimates that pertains to other expenses, and it will have the authority to grant or deny consent to any request or to grant consent subject to a decrease in the amount requested.
  • No claim for a grant may be made unless the PresidentPresident advises it.


What is Article 113?

Article 113 covers the Parliamentary Estimates Procedure. The following provides additional clarification: Nothing in this clause should be understood as forbidding discussion of any estimate in either House of Parliament, except that section of the estimates that deals with Consolidated Fund of India spending that is not subject to a vote in Parliament.


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