The SI Unit of Power is _. A) Joule B) Ampere C) Coulomb D) Watt

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

The SI unit of power is the watt. According to the international system of units, the SI Unit of Electric power is used to measure in Joule per second. As power is defined as the ratio of work and time, that’s why energy is dived by time to calculate the amount of power? In Simple words, the amount of work done is divided by the particular time to measure the total amount of power, denoted as Watt. As you know, Joule is the SI unit of energy. As per the definition of Powe given by SI, 1 Joule per second is equal to one Watt, and 1 Kilowatt is equal to 3600 Joule.

What is the SI Unit of Power?

The SI unit of power is calculated as Watt. Scientists also measure electric power as Joule Per Second. The definition of power can be different according to the situation and can be measured in different measurements. For example, vehicle power is used to measure Horsepower.

What is SI Unit?

The international system of measurement is known as SI Unit. It was established in the year 1960. It is being used across the world for research and scientific projects. The main purpose to introduce the SI Unit is to avoid any confusion in the world when it comes to doing science projects. There are 7 SI Units, and all are mentioned here. Length, Mass, Time, Electric Current, Thermodynamics Temperature, Amount of Substance, and Luminous Intensity.

Key Points

  • Power is a scalar quantity, as there is no direction.
  • Power is also measured in horsepower, foot pounds, and calories per second.
  • 1 Horsepower is equal to 746 Watts.
  • 1 Foot-pound is equal to 1.355 Watts.
  • 1 Calory per second is equal to 4.18 Watts.

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