WBCS 2022 Prelims Last 15 Days Preparation Strategy

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Updated on: September 13th, 2023

WBPSC WBCS 2022 Prelims Exam Preparation Strategy: 1.75 Lakhs of WBCS aspirants will participate in WBCS 2022 Prelims exam this year. This Preliminary exam is an eliminative exam in nature. This exam ensures that only a maximum of four thousand candidates appear in WBCS  Main exam. It is important to know that clearing the WBCS 2022 Prelims exam is not only a matter of hard work but also of smart work.

  • Many aspirants despair at the amount of time and hard work that they give to the WBCS exam only to find that their work has gone unrewarded.
  • This is because ‘smart work’ differentiates the winners from the failures.

This article gives you suggestions on how to prepare for the WBCS exam in the last 15 days. Keep reading.

Know-How To Prioritize

Priority is the keyword when it comes to clearing the WBCS Prelims exam in the last 15 days. 

  • If you take mock tests and find that you cannot perform well in them, brush up on the basics first.
  • You must also prioritize the important areas of the WBCS Syllabus
  • Go through the WBCS Previous Year’s Papers for preliminary and figure out the important and unimportant areas.

WBCS Books

In the last phase of your preparation, it is important not to get overwhelmed by any new material or book. This can only lead to frustration. Stick to a few good books and study them sincerely.

Check the important WBCS Books in this article.

Revision Plan for WBCS Prelims Exam

Revision is the most crucial step toward the end of your WBCS Preparation. If you find that you cannot remember what you have previously read, it shows a lack of revision. Regular revision is the only thing that will help you internalize the concepts and facts.

  • To revise current affairs for WBCS, you can check the WBCS Current Affairs blog for free.
  • You can also keep up-to-date with the latest news every day by listening to our WBCS Current Affairs faculty.

Develop a routine

You must develop a routine for the last 15 days of your WBCS preparation. Ensure that you revise all subjects. Give more time to areas that you find you are weak in. Also include time for mock tests in this routine. Taking tests can help you decide on your weaknesses and strengths. It will also give you the much-required feel of the exams. You can learn to regulate the time taken for each question by taking mock tests.

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Last 15 Days WBCS Prelims Preparation

The detailed WBCS preparation plan for the last 15 days is provided here. Candidates must follow the tips to get the desired result. Don’t miss any day plan otherwise, it will be difficult to cover it in such a short period.

Number of Days





This area is vast. Point out all important events. You can focus on important events like Mauryan, and the Gupta dynasties. PSC asks about regional dynasties like Satbahon and Pusyabhuti dynasties.

Sultani and Mughal periods are important topics for the Prelims Exam. PSC asks Bhakti and Sufism-related questions. Coming from Europeans, Later Mughals,

revolt of 1857 is the most expected topic of the WBCS Preliminary exam.


Indian National Movements

INM start after the later period of 1857. Indian National Congress  activities, Gandhi Period, Netaji, and INM are 

important topics for the WBCS exam.


Geography of India with special reference to West Bengal

Try to build a mind map with the help of map pointing.

You have to revise the following topics Properly.

  • Physiological division of India
  • Drainage System
  • Agriculture, Industries
  • Transports System
  • Minerals
  • WB Geography


Indian Polity and Economy


Polity important Topics

  • Making of Constitution
  • FR, DPSP, and FD
  • Union and states
  • Constitutional and Unconstitutional bodies

Indian Economy important topics

  • Five Years Planning 
  • National Income 
  • Poverty 
  • Agriculture and Industries

Try to read over all topics emphasis on articles, amendments, Planning, important projects, etc.


English Composition

Read Grammar, PYQ questions


General Mental Ability

Mostly emphasis on the Reasoning Part and Arithmetic Section


General Science

Cover all class 10 standards Physics, Chemistry, and Biology topics


Current events of National & International Importance

Can follow yearly magazine for best preparation at this stage. PSC asks most of the last 6 months of CA questions in WBCS Prelims.


Boost your chances of clearing the WBCS Prelims exam by solving as many WBCS Prelims Mock test papers as you can.


You have worked hard, prepared yourself, and revised all the topics. You followed the WBCS section-wise strategy for 15 days and are ready for the exam. It doesn’t matter how well primed and ready you are if you lose your composure or hope during the examination.

Your calmness, awareness, and relaxed mind along with your hard work decide whether you qualify for this exam or not. Be confident and attempt all you can accurately and timely.

All The Best !!!


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