WBCS Preparation Tips 2022: Check Best Strategy for WBCS Preparation

WBCS Preparation Tips 2022: Check Best Strategy for WBCS Preparation

BySATISH KUMAR GUPTA  |  Updated on: Mar 1, 2022
WBCS Preparation 2022! West Bengal PCS exam preparation tips from the expert based on latest exam pattern and syllabus, Practice WBCS question paper for prelims and mains.

WBCS Preparation Strategy 2022: WB PSC Prelims exam dates will be announced soon. Public Service Commission, West Bengal organizes the Civil Service Exam for various posts in the West Bengal Government. The exam is conducted in three stages viz., prelims, mains, and interview. Check WBCS preparation tips for all stages below.

Byjus' Exam Prep experts have provided the complete strategy with notes and guidance to succeed in the WBPCS WBCS Exam 2022. Check the WBCS preparation strategy to ace the exam.

West Bengal PCS Preparation Strategy 2022

The preparation strategy for WBCS Exam includes a thorough understanding of the exam pattern & the syllabus, kinds of questions asked in previous year papers, question papers pdf, booklist, mock test, and more. 

Before checking the preparation strategy candidates must check the WBCS eligibility criteria to make sure they are eligible for the exam. Check the detailed updated syllabus, pattern, and other important aspects here.

West Bengal Public Service Commission conducts the West Bengal Civil Service Examination for recruitment in vacancies in various posts in Bengal State Services of Group A, Group B, Group C, Group D like WB Civil Services, Assistant Commissioner of Revenue, Labour Service, Food and Supply Service, West Bengal Police Service, etc. It is undeniably one of the most lucrative government service exams for aspirants of West Bengal.

The strategy mentioned below covers all aspects of the WBPCS exam to ease your preparation for clearing the West Bengal Civil Service exam.

WBCS Preparation Tips 2022 - Exam Scheme

Before jumping to the preparation strategy lets us have a look at the WBCS exam pattern. Knowledge of the exam scheme is important for a better strategy for the exam.

The preliminary exam of the WBPCS will have a single objective type of paper. It will have 200 questions with 1 march each. There will also be a negative marking of 1/3rd marks for each incorrect answer. The mains exam has 6 compulsory and 2 optional subject papers for Group A and B posts. 

The question paper will be of the level of knowledge that is to be expected of a graduate of any field of a recognized University. The paper will consist of the questions covering the following subjects:

WBCS Exam Pattern 2022
1Prelims ExamObjective Exam200
2Mains Exam
  • Paper 1 (Subjective)
  • Paper 2 (Subjective)
  • Paper 3 (Objective)
  • Paper 4 (Objective)
  • Paper 5 (Objective)
  • Paper 6 (Objective)
  • Paper 7 & 8 (Objective)
200 marks for each paper
  • 200 (Group A & B)
  • 150 (Group C)
  • 100 (Group D)

Before preparing for an exam like WBCS it is very important to have a clear understanding of the pattern, syllabus, and other important aspects.

  • WBPCS exam is bent towards a factual aspect rather than conceptual understanding.
  • The nature of questions varies from medium difficulty level to hard.
  • Current affairs also play a very important role in the WBPCS exam and it can not be ignored in preparation.


WBCS Preparation 2022 - Syllabus

Let us first see the WBPSC exam syllabus as mentioned by the commission for the above subjects. Here we have covered the subject asked in the prelims exam you can check the detailed syllabus from the linked page.



English Composition

Questions on English Composition will cover Synonyms, Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, Vocabulary test, Phrasal Verbs, the same words bearing more than one meaning, use of appropriate and qualifying words, etc

General Science

Questions on General Science will cover general appreciation and understanding of science, including matters of everyday observation and experience as may be expected of a well-educated person who has not made a special study of any scientific discipline.

Current events of National & International Importance

Awards, Summits, and Conference, Government schemes in news, Books and Authors, Appointments, Places in News, GI tag, Ranking, Reports, International Relations, etc

History of India

In History, emphasis will be on a broad general understanding of the subject in its social, economic, and political aspects.

Geography of India (special reference to West Bengal)

Questions on the Geography of India will relate to the Physical, Social, and Economic Geography of the country, including the main features of Indian Agricultural and Natural Resources with special reference to West Bengal.

Indian Polity and Economy

Questions of Indian Polity and Economy will test the knowledge of the country’s Political System, Panchayati Raj, Community Development and Planning in India

Indian National Movement

Questions on the Indian National Movement will relate to the nature and character of the Nineteenth Century Resurgence, Growth of Nationalism, and attainment of Independence.

General Mental Ability

General Mental Ability will relate to Logical perception, understanding, and natural conclusion.

WBCS Preparation Analysis: Questions Asked

Let us see a few questions that were asked in the WBCS Prelims Exam:

  • Who is the author of Flood of Fire?
  • First Railway Line was started in West Bengal between?
  • The tropic of cancer does not pass through which of the following?
  • The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by?
  • When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India?
  • In the constitution of India, the promotion of international peace and security is enshrined in which section?

These questions have been asked in the previous year's papers of the WBCS exam.

  • After analyzing the questions, it is very clear that the questions asked from all the subjects are straightforward and factual in nature.
  • Unlike the UPSC Civil Services Exam, for WBPCS, a candidate will have to study the same subjects keeping in mind that the preparation, revision, etc must focus on the factual information.

WBCS Exam Preparation 2022

Now for successfully clearing the WBPCS Examination a candidate must carefully go through the follow the following pointers. These will prove to be the difference between success and failure if followed properly.

Understanding the Syllabus

A candidate must understand the syllabus before starting the preparation. It is the key to your success in WBPCS preliminary examination. Everything you need to study has been given in the Syllabus.

WBCS Preparation books

Books and Sources: A candidate must decide on the standard WBCS books and stick to them in the whole course of preparation. Sticking to one source of information has been suggested by all the successful candidates. You must choose the books and sources carefully and revise the short personal notes you make from them regularly, instead of buying a new book every month for the same subjects. It will only increase the confusion and reduce your retention rate.

Some standard books will give you a strong base for the subjects and are enough for the preliminary level of preparation. You can find the list of these books below:



General Science

LUCENT General Science and Lucent’s GK, NCERTs


S.P. Bakshi, Wren & Martin, NCERTs

History and Indian National Movement

Spectrum, Bipin Chandra


G.C. Leong

General Mental Ability

R.S. Aggarwal

Polity and Economy

Laxmikanth (Polity), Ramesh Singh(Economy)

Current Affairs

Newspaper-Hindu/Indian Express, BYJU'S Exam Prep Monthly Current Affairs for PCS Exams

West Bengal GK

WBCS GS Manual by Nitin Singhania

Make a Study Schedule

Every Candidate must develop a timetable which is suitable for him. Do not try to copy someone else in this matter, it might be counterproductive. Making a schedule and following it are completely different things, so if you make a schedule make sure you follow it religiously, It is the only way to succeed.

In your schedule give proper time to each subject, Do not skip a subject because you find it too easy or too hard. WBPCS demands your complete attention to all subjects.

WBCS Mock Test

A candidate must regularly solve the Mock test. They will not only give you an idea of the real exam but will also provide you with data on what portions of your syllabus are weak and what portions are strong. A candidate must analyze the progress and change the studying pattern accordingly. A systematic manner with careful planning is needed to clear the preliminary round.

WBCS Previous Year Papers

A candidate must go through the previous year's question papers. They not only provide you with an idea of what the actual paper will look like but will also act as a confidence booster after solving them. Questions have often been repeated from previous years directly or indirectly. Hence you can never go wrong by solving the previous year's question papers multiple times.

Current Affairs, English and General Ability

In WBPCS 75 Questions have been allotted to these three sections, No candidate, no matter how strong his preparation is must not ignore these sections. Current affairs must be repeatedly revised through tests and quizzes. A candidate must form a habit of reading a newspaper daily without break. It will not only prepare your current affairs but will also improve your vocabulary and writing skills.

English Composition and General Mental Ability questions must be practiced regularly as they can provide you with an edge over the candidates who have only focused on the General Studies Syllabus.


In the end, the candidates are advised to take a 7-hour sleep and have regular mental and physical exercise. Meditation must be practiced for at least 10 minutes a day. Most candidates even after studying properly and having knowledge are not able to succeed in WBPCS because of stress and anxiety. Meditation, Proper Sleep, and Exercise will take the edge off and boost your chances of success.

Remember West Bengal Civil Service is an exam that tests not only your knowledge but also your character, patience, and overall personality, and being an aspirant, you must work on all these aspects and not just the study part.

If you follow the above points and work hard you will definitely achieve success in the West Bengal Civil Services.

WBCS Preparation FAQs

  • Here byjusexamprep has provided the best preparation strategy for the WBCS Exam. It includes knowledge of prelims and mains exam pattern, syllabus, questions asked, books, and more. Go through the strategy to get good marks in WBCS Exam.

  • It depends on the individual. Some are able to crack the exam in 3 months some are not able to clear it in 3 years.

  • Before starting your preparation first go through the eligibility criteria. After that follow the given steps:

    • Understand the latest pattern & syllabus
    • Make a suitable study schedule
    • Collect good books to study
    • Attempt mock test, the question paper to track improvement
    • Revise in a systematic manner
    • Take experts class at BEP if required.
  • Yes, you can clear the exam in less than 6 months if you religiously follow the WBCS preparation strategy provided here. Many students had already cleared the exam by following the given tips.