Write a Short Note on Central Highlands

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Central Highlands extend from the Narmada river and the northern plains. The Narmada River divides the peninsular plateau into the Deccan Plateau and the central highlands. The Madhya Bharat Pathar and Madhya Bharat Plateau are other names for them. The basin of the Chambal river, which flows in a rift valley, makes up the majority of the plateau in the central highlands.

Short Note on Central Highlands

In the center of Madagascar, there is a hilly biogeographic region known as the Central Highlands, Central High Plateau, or Hauts-Plateaux. They consist of the entire core of the island that is contiguous and higher than 800 meters. The Central Highlands is an unlevel tableland that is between 1500 and 2500 feet above sea level. Its lush fields allow us to grow a wide range of crops.

Rajpipla Hills, Nimar Plateau, Pachmarhi Hills, and Mahadeo Hills are all located in the Satpura section of the Central Highlands. The Central Highlands are to the east of the Marwar or Mewar Upland. They are bounded to the west by the Aravallis.

The elevation of the central highlands is 700 to 1000 m above the mean sea level. It slopes towards the north and northeastern directions. The highlands consist of:

  • Marwar upland
  • Malwa plateau
  • Madhya Bharat Pathar
  • Bundelkhand plateau
  • Chhotanagpur plateau
  • Baghelkhand plateau

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