What is Meant by Seasonal Unemployment?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Seasonal Unemployment is a temporary window where the number of available employment opportunities decreases. This means that the demand for workers as well as a specific type of work changes with the change in seasons. Seasonal unemployment is also a common form of unemployment prevalent in India.

Seasonal Unemployment Definition and Example

Seasonal unemployment is unemployment that occurs during certain seasons of the year. In India, agricultural labourers, fruit pickers, or tourism sector workers rarely work throughout the year. Thus, seasonal unemployment occurs at different points because of seasonal patterns that impact jobs.

For Example- In the agricultural sector where the demand for workers is more during harvesting. In the tourism sector, particular months of the year see more footfall of tourists compared to other months.

Sources of Unemployment

The rate of unemployment helps in determining the status of unemployment in a country. It is the number of people unemployed as a percentage of the labour force (the total number of people employed in those unemployed). The sources of unemployment are:

  • Latest technology and inventions
  • State of the economy, which may be affected by the recession
  • Competition due to globalization and international trade
  • Policies of the government
  • Regulation of the market

Types of Unemployment

Seasonal Unemployment is also known as Cyclical Unemployment. Apart from Seasonal Unemployment, there are various other types of unemployment that prevail in the country.

  • Classical Unemployment
  • Involuntary Unemployment
  • Frictional Unemployment
  • Structural Unemployment

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