Why do we Need a Law? Give Reasons

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

We need a law because it represents what is good, fair and equal according to society. After all, each society has its own rules, and they can alter as per the society’s norms. With the aid of taxation laws, laws assist in extracting and accumulating income from the general populace. The concept of law does not originate from beyond the boundaries of society. In actuality, it is a fundamental tenet of society.

Need of Law

Laws are critical to governing people’s behavior according to society’s norms, including contract laws, prohibition laws, personal laws, and regulatory laws. Laws help balance the damage done by criminals against society and other people. Laws help in extracting and gathering profits from the masses with the help of taxation laws.

Laws also help ensure that businesses don’t cross their ethical and moral values to create huge profits, which helps the private entity more. Lastly, laws ensure that all citizens are eligible to pay taxes and pay them honestly so the country can progress.

  • Law is a powerful tool or agency that plays a key role in enacting social change nationwide or in a specific area.
  • As a result, we reaffirm our conviction that the law has played a crucial role in bringing about and will continue to play a role in changes to society’s structure and relationships.
  • The eradication of caste inequalities, the establishment of safeguards for the weak and vulnerable, the provision of a dignified existence for those who live in unhygienic conditions, etc., have all been made possible because of the law.


Why do we Need a Law? Give Reasons

To ensure people live by society’s norms and don’t cross their moral and ethical values, laws are needed. Laws also help ensure that people get a good education and other opportunities to lead dignified lives. The law has made it possible to eradicate caste inequities, develop safeguards for the poor and vulnerable, provide a dignified existence for those who live in unclean conditions, and more.

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