Who was the Author of Rajatarangini?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Kalhana was the author of Rajatarangini. Sanskrit was used to compose Rajatarangini. The River of Kings is the definition of the name Rajatarangini. The monarchs of Kashmir were covered in the book Rajatarangini, together with the history of the northwestern Indian subcontinent. The Book’s 7826 verses are organised into eight Tarangas, or volumes (waves). In the 12th century, Kalhana wrote the Rajatarangini.

Rajatarangini was Written by

Rajatarangini, a narrative of Kashmir’s history, was written by Kalhana. Between 1148 and 1149, he wrote the Sanskrit book. Chanpaka, a Kashmiri official who likely served King Harsha of the Lohara dynasty, was the father of Kalhana.

They were Hindu Brahmins. The opening verses of each of the eight Books of his Rajatarangini begin with prayers to the Hindu god Shiva.

  • Kalhana was sympathetic to Buddhism, as were many Hindus in Kashmir at the time, and Buddhists often felt the same way about Hindus.
  • In his compositions, Kalhana references ancient epics, including the Mahabharata, the Ramayana, and the Vikramankadevacharita of Bilhana.
  • When Kalhana wrote the Rajatarangini, he was not a member of the group that surrounded Jayasimha, the king in power.
  • Rajatarangini by Kalhana has 7826 verses total and is broken into eight books known as Tarangas.


Who was the Author of Rajatarangini?

Historical author Kalhana wrote the novel Rajatarangini. A metrical tale and historical account of the monarchs of Kashmir and the north-western Indian subcontinent may be found in Rajatarangini. In the 12th century CE, Kashmiri historian Kalhana wrote it in Sanskrit.

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