Which Plan is Called a Rolling Plan?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Rolling Plan was the sixth five-year plan introduced by the Janata Government in 1978-83, after suspending the fifth five-year plan in 1977-78. According to the Rolling Plan, the plan’s performance will be evaluated each year, and a new plan will be developed the following year based on this evaluation. The Rolling Plan is made up of three different types of plans that were proposed.

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Rolling Plan

The sixth five-year plan was again rejected in 1980 by the Indian National Congress and it again proposed a new Sixth Plan. The flexibility of rolling plans allowed them to overcome the fixed five-year plans’ rigidity, which was their main advantage. The Rolling Plan consists of three kinds of plans that were proposed.

  • The first plan was for the current year which comprised the annual budget.
  • The second plan was for a fixed number of years, such as for 3, 4, or 5 years, and kept changing as per the requirements of the economy.
  • The third plan was a prospective plan for 10- 20 years, with no dates of commencement and end.

According to the needs and requirements of the Indian economy, they modified and changed the targets, projections, allocations, and objectives.

The main drawback of this plan was that, because of the intricate administrative structure of the nation, it would have been challenging to achieve the goals if they had been revised annually.

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