Who is called Martin Luther King of India?

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Updated on: November 14th, 2023

Swami Dayanand Saraswati is called Martin Luther, King of India. It’s because he raised the demand for self-governance through his writings for the first time. The phrase “good governance is not a substitute for self-governance” was returned to Vedas by him.

Dayanand Saraswati also referred to as Maharshi Dayanand, is an Indian philosopher, social activist, and the creator of the Arya Samaj, a Vedic dharma reform movement.

Martin Luther King of India

Dayananda Saraswati was born to a Gujarati Hindu Brahmin Tiwari family in India on the tithi of the 10th day of the waning moon in the month of Purnimanta Phalguna (12 February 1824). Dayananda contemplated the significance of life and death after learning that his younger sister and his uncle had died of cholera. He started posing queries that alarmed his parents.

Early in his teen years, he was engaged, but he ran away from home in 1846 after deciding marriage was not for him. He was an Indian philosopher, social leader, and founder of the Arya Samaj. He was born on 12 February 1824 and died on 30 October 1883 at the age of 59 years.

  • The first to advocate for Swaraj as “India for Indians” was Swami Dayanand Saraswati in 1876.
  • He advocated for women’s equal rights.
  • He denounced customs like child marriage, meat consumption, idolatry, priestcraft, temple offerings, animal sacrifice, pilgrimages, the caste system, and more.
  • He criticized superstitious activities like astrology and sorcery.

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