Which Type of Mirror is Used as a Rear View Mirror in Cars?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Mirror used as a Rear View Mirror in Car is a convex mirror. A convex mirror gives an erect and diminished image with a wider field of view when curved outside. It enables the driver to view a much larger area than a plane mirror because it forms a smaller image than the object. A convex mirror also provides safety in places with poor visibility, such as curves and turns.

Type of Mirror Used as a Rear View Mirror in Cars

A convex mirror is a spherical reflecting mirror that is curved outward. Such a type of mirror is also known as a diverging mirror as the rays seem to diverge from the focus when they fall on its surface. The image formed by a convex mirror is always virtual, diminished, and erect.

Here are the uses of convex mirrors in our everyday lives:

  • Inside building: Convex mirrors are used in offices, hospitals, supermarket stores, etc. so that people could see around the corner and avoid collisions.
  • Vehicles: Convex mirrors have the ability to diverge light beams and create virtual images. Hence, they are used as rear-view mirrors in vehicles.
  • Convex mirrors for security purposes: Convex mirrors are often found for security reasons. They are often placed near ATMs so that customers can check if someone is behind them.
  • Magnifying glass: Convex mirrors are used to enlarge small images. Two convex mirrors are placed back to back in a convex mirror.


Which Type of Mirror is Used as a Rear View Mirror in Cars?

A convex mirror is used as a rear-view mirror in vehicles. It allows more light to fall on it, thus, giving a wider view of the object. This is the reason why it is used as a rearview mirror in vehicles. It is used as the side mirror of passenger cars and automobiles to warn drivers by displaying objects in the mirror that are closer than they appear. Besides this, a convex mirror is also used in a magnifying glass, inside buildings, as a reflector in street lamps, etc.

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