The Most Abundant Metal in the Earth Crust is

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Aluminium is the Most Abundant Metal, with 8.9% on Earth’s Crust, and is the 13th atomic member. The primary ore of aluminum is Bauxite. It is a metal with a strong reactivity. Aluminium and its alloys are used in the transportation, aircraft, and construction sectors. Aluminum is incredibly light in weight. All Aluminium on earth has formed compounds by combining with other elements.

Most Abundant Metal in the Earth Crust

A metal refers to a substance with high electrical or thermal conductivity. They are malleable as well as ductile in nature and shiny in appearance. Aluminium is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. It is considered a good conductor of electricity and heat.

With the chemical formula Al and an atomic number of 13, aluminum is a metal. It’s a part of Group 13. It belongs to the Boron group and is a ductile, non-magnetic, silvery-white metal. It is the most common metal, making up around 8% of the earth’s crust. It is commonly found in gemstones such as sapphire and ruby. The other name for aluminum is Beryl, cryolite, garnet, spinel, and turquoise.

Aluminium is not present in its elemental form due to its reactivity. It often appears in silicates or oxides. Aluminum silicates are widely distributed throughout the crust of the planet. The most prevalent silicate found in the crust of the planet is feldspar.


The Most Abundant Metal in the Earth Crust is

The Most Abundant Metal in the Earth Crust is Aluminium which has a low density and interacts with air to form an aluminum oxide coating. The most useful compounds of the metal are Aluminium sulphates and oxides. Aluminium belongs to Group 13 on the periodic table and has an atomic number 13. It makes up around 8% of the earth’s crust which is a lot, making it the most common metal on the earth.

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