What are the Ocean Deposits?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Ocean Deposits are sediments that are transported to the ocean floor from various sources using various methods. Marine deposits are divided into a variety of types based on the sediments they contain and their geographic location. Pelagic deposits are those found in open waters far from land. Close to the shore is the littoral.

Ocean Deposits Meaning

Rivers, winds, etc., carry sediments to the oceans created by the weathering and erosion of terrestrial rocks. Volcanic eruptions also produce deposits.

  • The deposition of sediments is also aided by the breakdown and decay of marine life, including plants and animals.
  • Marine sediments come in four types: lithogenic, biogenic, hydrogenic, and cosmogenic.
  • Sedimentary rocks are the only rock that can hold fossils.
  • In other words, they are proof of a previous existence.

Types and Classification of Ocean Deposits

Marine deposits are divided into many types based on sediments and location.

Classification based on Residues

  • Pelagic: open sea, not near the coast. Red Clay, Radiolarian Slime, Diatom Slime, Pteropod Slime, and Globigerina Slime.
  • Seaside: close to the shore. Gravel, sand, mud.
  • Hemipelagic: between littoral and pelagic.
  • Eupelagic: the highest point in the ocean zone, located above the mesopelagic area, where sufficient sunlight is received.
  • Slimes from radiolarians, globigerina, pteropods, and red clay.

Classification by Location

  • Continental
  • Neritic- shallow sea
  • Pelagic – Deep sea


What are Ocean Deposits?

Ocean Deposits are referred to as Sediments that are transported to the floor of the ocean from different sources through various methods. Further, marine deposits are segregated into various categories on the basis of the sediments they contain as well as their geographic location.

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