Which Soil is Best for Sugarcane Cultivation?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Best Soil for Sugarcane Cultivation is well-drained loamy soil with a neutral soil reaction (pH 6.5 to 7.5), sufficient nutrients, and no soil compaction. With frequent irrigation, it also thrives on medium to light-textured soils. It is grown on laterites, black cotton soils, brown or red loams in peninsular India, and on Gangetic and other alluvial loams and clay loams in northern India.

Best Soil for Sugarcane Cultivation

It can also cultivate on laterites, black cotton soils, and brown or reddish loams in peninsular India.

  • For sugarcane to develop, produce, and have characteristics that are higher than average, the soil must be kept in the proper physical, chemical, and natural conditions.
  • Sugarcane can be grown on a variety of soil types, including sandy soils, heavy clays, and dirt topsoils.
  • Despite this, it does best in soils with a severe lack of nutrients.
  • It can also be grown successfully on heavier soils with appropriate waste management and the growth of environmental issues, as well as on lighter soils with functional water systems.
  • Sugarcane cannot grow in soils that are basic, acidic, or saline.


Which Soil is Best for Sugarcane Cultivation?

Heavy soils with good drainage are preferred Best for Sugarcane Cultivation. With consistent irrigation, it also thrives in soils with a medium to light texture. It is mainly grown in northern India on the loams and clay loams of the Gangetic and other alluviums.

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