Which is the Largest Oil Field in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Largest Oil Field in India is the Mumbai High, formerly Bombay High. It is an offshore oil field located in the Arabian Sea. An oil field is an area of land that is used to extract petroleum, such as natural gas or oil, from the land. In other words, an oil field is a piece of land below which fossil fuels can be extracted for economic value.

Largest Oil Field in India

Most of India’s oil reserves are associated with anticlines and fault traps in the Tertiary sedimentary rock formations, from about 3 million years ago.

An oil field must meet three basic conditions:

  • Porosity to hold a sufficient volume of oil
  • After drilling, the well’s permeability to the release of gas and/or oil
  • To stop the oil from dispersing by percolating into the surrounding rocks, conglomerates of fractured limestone containing oil should be covered with porous sand bed sandstone, impermeable beds.

Facts About Largest Oil Field

  • Mumbai High was the site of ONGC’s greatest offshore oil exploration success, which occurred in 1974. About 176 km northwest of Mumbai, it is situated on the continental shelf off the coast of Maharashtra.
  • The Miocene age rock layers in this region span 2,500 square kilometers and contain an estimated 330 million tonnes of oil and 37,000 million cubic meters of natural gas in reserves.
  • Production on a commercial scale started in 1976.
  • Using a specially constructed platform known as the Sagar Samrat, oil is extracted from a depth of more than 1,400 meters.


Which is the Largest Oil field in India?

Mumbai High, formerly known as Bombay High, is the Largest Oil Field in India located in the Arabian Sea. The Mumbai High mines petroleum from the earth, such as oil or natural gas.

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