What was the Aim of the Singh Sabha Movement?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The Singh Sabha movement sought to restore the Sikh religion to its former splendor and to bring back apostate Sikhs who had converted to other faiths. The Singh Sabha movement emerged in Punjab in 1870 as a response to Hindu, and Christian reform organizations (Arya Samaj, Brahmo Samaj), and Muslim proselytization (Aligarh and Ahmadiyah movements).

Singh Sabha Movement

It was founded at a time when the British had annexed and dissolved the Sikh Empire, orthodox Sikhs were rapidly switching to other religions, and the Khalsa had lost its clout. The goal of the movement was to promote the Sikh faith and restore Sikhism to its grandeur; generate and distribute Sikh historical and theological texts, and promote Gurmukhi Punjabi through media and periodicals.

Aim of the Singh Sabha Movement

  • The Singh Sabha movement and British rulers of kingdoms that converted from other faiths helped restore the Sikh religion’s former glory.
  • The Singh Sabha was primarily concerned with religious and social transformation through education, and it deliberately avoided discussing political issues or creating any inconvenience to the British rulers.
  • To allow high-ranking Englishmen to participate in the Sikh educational program.
  • To provide Sikhs with modern western education.
  • To resist Brahmo Samajists, Christian missionaries, Muslim Maulvis, and Arya Samajists’ evangelizing operations.


What was the Aim of the Singh Sabha Movement?

The aim of the Singh Sabha movement was to restore the Sikh religion to its former glory and bring back the apostates to the Sikh fold who had converted to other faiths. Singh Sabha’s policy was created in 1870 to avoid criticism of political concerns and other religions.

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