What is Written in Ashoka Pillar?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

The text written on Ashoka Pillar is mainly traditional. The inscriptions in the Ashoka Pillar, the first concrete evidence of Buddhism, are spread over the areas of modern Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Collectively known as the Edicts of Ashoka, the text is composed of inscriptions on pillars and other inscriptions of Ashoka on natural rocks.

Text written on Ashoka Pillar

Structures built by the Mauryan King Ashoka between 268 and 232 BC all over the Indian subcontinent are known as Ashoka Pillars. They serve as a symbol of his ruthless rule and conquests throughout India.

  • 1st Pillar Edict: Describes the principles of Ashoka related to the protection of his people.
  • 2nd (Pillar) Edict: Mentions the definition of Dhamma
  • 3rd Pillar Edict: Eliminates the sins of harshness, cruelty, rage, pride, etc.
  • 4th Pillar Edict: Lists Rajukas’ responsibilities.

A full list of animals and birds that should not be slaughtered on specific days is provided in Pillar Edict 5, along with a separate list of creatures that should not be killed.

  • Pillar sixth edict: Dhamma policy.
  • Pillar Edict 7: Asoka’s contributions to developing the Dhamma policy.

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Inscriptions on Ashoka Pillar

The Rummindei Pillar’s inscription describes Ashoka’s voyage to Lumbini, the Buddha’s birthplace, and how he saved Lumbini from having to pay any extra taxes.

  • The Buddha Konagamana stupa was doubled in size thanks to Ashoka, according to the Nigalisagar Pillar Inscription from Nepal.
  • Ashoka constructed the Sarnath Lion Capital, close to Varanasi, to honor the Dharmachakrapravartana or Buddha’s first discourse.


What is written in Ashoka Pillar?

The first Pillar Edict outlines Ashoka’s guiding philosophy of protecting his people. The second pillar edict defines the dhamma as having few sins, many virtues, liberality, purity, and truthfulness. The inscriptions and decrees under his rule make up the Ashoka Pillar.

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