What is the Symbol of Make in India?

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Updated on: November 9th, 2023

Lion is the symbol of Make in India. The Make in India logo was created by Kennedy and Wieden. The Ashoka Chakra, which features four lions, inspired the logo. The Make in India logo is a symbol of the country’s success in all areas, representing strength, manufacturing, and national pride.

Make in India Logo

The Make in India logo is a silhouette of a lion made of cogs (symbolizes the industries and the manufacturing units). The Ashoka Chakra inspired the design.

  • The lion has long been a part of the national emblem, representing the attainment of enlightenment as well as tenacity, courage, and wisdom, i.e. all the Indian values.
  • The Make in India logo represents strength, manufacturing, and national pride.

Make in India

Make in India is a government initiative to encourage enterprises to develop, manufacture, and assemble products created in India, as well as to reward focused investments in manufacturing.

  • Since Make in India is a Governmental project, special permission is required from the DIPP, Govt. of India, to use the Make in India logo.
  • The policy approach was to foster an investment-friendly environment, build modern and efficient infrastructure, and open up new sectors to foreign investors.
  • The project aims to “turn India into a worldwide design and manufacturing export hub” by focusing on 25 economic areas for job development and skill training.

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